2011 SAA Research Forum

"Foundations and Innovations"

The fifth annual SAA Research Forum was held Tuesday, August 23, 2010, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., at the Hyatt Regency Chicago. The forum explored the full spectrum of research activities – from "pure" research to applied research to innovative practice. Researchers, practitioners, educators, and students used the forum to discuss, debate, plan, organize, evaluate, or motivate research projects and initiatives.

Research Forum Co-Chairs Nancy Y. McGovern and Helen Tibbo

Session 1

9:00 – 10:30 am
Moderator: Kari Smith

Records in Archaeological Research: A Historical Case Study Examining the Mandates of Change in Archaeological Recordkeeping in the United States [Slides]
Brian Cumer (School of Information Sciences, University of Pittsburgh) [Abstract & Bio]

Building Data Categories and Taxonomy to Organize Topic-Specific Collection: Text Mining for No Gun Ri Archives [Slides]
Donghee Sinn (University at Albany) [Abstract & Bio]

Collecting, Describing and Exhibiting: Provenance, Context, and Original Title at the Field Museum of Natural History, 1893-1996 [Slides]
Susanne Belovari (Tufts University) [Abstract & Bio]

Social Activism, Professional Lives and Institutional Missions [Slides]
Sonia Yaco (Old Dominion University) and Bea Hardy (College of William and Mary) [Abstract & Bio]

Focus Groups in Archival Institutions: A Pilot Study [Slides]
Adam Kriesberg (University of Michigan School of Information) [Abstract & Bio]

The Return of Lost Content: Born-digital Processing of 5.25-inch Floppy Disks [Slides]
Karen Ballinger (University of Texas at Austin) [Abstract & Bio]

Session 2

10:50 am – Noon
Moderator: Joanne Kaczmarek

Levels of Representation in Digital Collections: A Framework and Implications for Archival Research [Slides]
Christopher Lee (School of Information and Library Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) [Abstract & Bio]

Managing Shared Digital Research Data in Federated Storage Clouds for Higher Education [Slides] [Screencast.mov]
Richard Marciano (University of North Carolina) [Abstract & Bio]

Everyone a Curator: Evaluating the Impact of “Social Metadata” on Libraries, Archives and Museums [Slides]
Helice Koffler (Manuscripts & Special Collections, University of Washington Libraries) [Abstract & Bio]

Grammars and Parsers for Validating Binary File Formats [Slides]
William Underwood (Georgia Tech Research Institute) [Abstract & Bio]

ChoreoSave: Determining Metadata for Digital Dance Preservation [Slides]
Eugenia Kim (Purdue University Libraries) [Abstract & Bio]

Noon – 1:00 pm          Lunch (on your own)

Session 3

1:00 – 1:30 pm
Moderator: Joanne Kaczmarek

How Archivists View Copyright [Slides]
Jean Dryden (College of Information Studies, University of Maryland) [Abstract & Bio]

Documenting Conflicts in the 21st Century [Slides]
Heather Soyka (University of Pittsburgh) and Eliot Wilczek (Simmons College & Tufts University) [Abstract & Bio]

1:30 – 2:30 pm           Poster Session (see list below)

Session 4

2:50 – 4:00 pm
Moderator: Kari Smith

Spartan Archive: A Program in Transition [Slides]
Cynthia Ghering (University Archives and Historical Collections, Michigan State University) [Abstract & Bio]

Does Trust Matter? [Slides]
Ixchel Faniel (OCLC, Online Computer Library Center, Inc. and University of Michigan), Elizabeth Yakel, Nancy McGovern, Kathleen Fear, Morgan Daniels, Adam Kriesberg (DIPIR, University of Michigan) [Abstract & Bio]

Beyond Preservation to Trust: Toward An Application Profile for Identity and Integrity Metadata in UIRs [Slides]
Corinne Rogers (School of Library, Archival and Information Studies, University of British Columbia) [Abstract & Bio]

CDs in a Paper Bag: Developing Digital Preservation Policies at an Arts College [Slides]
Annemarie Haar (Meyer Library, California College of the Arts) [Abstract & Bio]

Providing Access to Digitized Content via the Finding Aid:  A Usability Study [Slides]
Jody DeRidder (University of Alabama Libraries) [Abstract & Bio]

Session 5

4:00 – 5:00 pm
Moderator: Ardys Kozbial

Connecting Content: A Collaboration to Link Field Notes to Specimens and Published Literature [Slides]
Richard Fischer (California Academy of Sciences Field Book Project) [Abstract & Bio]

Collaborative Creativity: The Radcliffe Workshop on Technology and Archival Processing [Slides]
Mary O. Murphy (Radcliffe Institute) and Anne Sauer (Digital Collections and Archives, Tufts University)  [Abstract & Bio]

Wrap up

Research Forum Co-Chairs Nancy Y. McGovern and Helen Tibbo


Turning the Gaze Inward: Collections, Identity, and Archival Autoethnography [Poster]
C. Marshall Stroscio (School of Information and Library Science, UNC Chapel Hill)  [Abstract & Bio]

Archival Collections in an Object World [Poster]
Lance Stuchall (Benson Ford Research Center, The Henry Ford)  [Abstract & Bio]

Demistifying the Data Interview [Poster]
Jake Carlson and Eugenia Kim (Purdue University Libraries)  [Abstract & Bio]

The Creation and Management of Research Data Sets and Laboratory Notebooks in
University Laboratories of South Korea [Poster]
Jihyun Kim (Department of Library and Information Science, Ewha Womans University)  [Abstract & Bio]

Partnership Building in the Social Science Data Community [Poster]
Peter Granda and Jared Lyle (ICPSR)  [Abstract & Bio]

Towards a Galacian Data Commons [Poster]
Lourdes Pérez González (Biblioteca Universitaria, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela)  [Abstract & Bio]

Grammars and Parsers for Validating Binary File Formats [Poster]
William Underwood (Georgia Tech Research Institute)  [Abstract & Bio]

Governing the Social Network: How U.S. Federal Department and Agency Records Management Policies Are Addressing Social Media Content [Poster]
Chad Doran (John Hopkins University)  [Abstract & Bio]

Archiving Michigan State University’s Website: Appraisal, Inventory, and Selection of University Web Properties [Poster]
Ed Busch, Cynthia Ghering (University Archives and Historical Collections, Michigan State University), and Julia Corrin (University of Michigan School of Information)  [Abstract & Bio]

Librarian's Helper Stoned: Legacy Records, Legacy Viruses [Poster]
Jane Gruning (School of Information, University of Texas at Austin)  [Abstract & Bio]

Digital Objects – Digital Domains [Poster]
Corinne Rogers (School of Library, Archival and Information Studies, University of British Columbia)  [Abstract & Bio]

Application of Rapid Imaging Methods in a Library-Archive-Museum Environment [Poster]
Brian Wilson (Benson Ford Research Center, The Henry Ford)  [Abstract & Bio]

A Survey of Records & Information Management (RIM) Professionals: Reporting on Selected Career-Related Variables [Poster]
Nancy Dupre Barnes (ARMA International)  [Abstract & Bio]

The Archives Conference as a Venue for Professional Communication: Trends and Opportunities in Session Topics [Poster]
Melissa Gottwald (Aviation Safety and Security Archives, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University)  [Abstract & Bio]

Archival Education and Hands-on Practices from Archival Institutions: Can Be Win-Win for Both Parties [Poster]
Donghee Sinn (University at Albany)  [Abstract & Bio]

Archivists Respond to the Eastern Japan Great Earthquake [Poster]
Yayoi Tsutsui (Gakushuin University)  [Abstract & Bio]

School Archives as Institutional Identity and Temporal Memory [Poster]
Sarah Buchanan (The Meadows School)  [Abstract & Bio]

The Importance of Corporate Archives to Economic and Business History: A Case Study [Poster] [Handots]
Caio Graco Valle Coberio (Sao Paulo University)  [Abstract & Bio]

“Picture Perfect: West Virginia History OnView.”  Conducting a Large Digital Archives Project on a Shoestring through Collaboration in an Academic Library Setting.  [Poster]
John Cuthbert (West Virginia and Regional History Collection, West Virginia University Libraries)  [Abstract & Bio]

You Want Me to Do What Now?: Tackling the Digital Backlog through Reorganization, Collaboration, and Redefining Traditional Roles [Poster]
Kristy Dixon and Katie McCormick (University of North Carolina-Charlotte)  [Abstract & Bio]

Collecting Campus Culture: Collaborations and Collisions [Poster]
Stephanie Davis-Kahl and Meg Miner (Illinois Wesleyan University)  [Abstract & Bio]

Marketing as an Access Tool for Public Archives: A Case Study [Poster]
Sofia Santos (Arquivo Regional da Madeira)  [Abstract & Bio]

[As] Long [as possible] Term Access: Archiving and Accessibility for Personal Image Collections [Poster]
Kari Smith (University of Michigan, Visual Resources Collections)  [Abstract & Bio]

Discovering the Story of Missionaries in China through Scrapbooks and Letters [Poster]
Patricia Buckler (Indiana University Northwest)  [Abstract & Bio]

Guidelines for Managing Records Collected and Created in the Investigative and Litigation Process [Poster]
Donald Force (University of British Columbia)  [Abstract & Bio]

An Open-Source System for Automatic Policy-Driven Collaborative Archival Replication [Poster]
Thu-Mai Christian and Jonathan Crabtree (School of Information and Library Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)  [Abstract & Bio]

Records Management and Archivists’ Toolkit [Poster]
Ed Busch (Michigan State University)  [Abstract & Bio]

The Data Curation Profile as a Tool for Archivists [Poster]
Jake Carlson and Eugenia Kim (Purdue University Libraries)  [Abstract & Bio]