Council Exemplary Service Award and Resolutions 2019

July 29, 2019—The SAA Council periodically presents special awards to recognize special contributions to the Society and the archives profession. Read on to learn more about each of this year's recipients and follow the hyperlinks to read the full text of each award.

Council Exemplary Service Award

The SAA Council is pleased to honor Dr. Michael J. Kurtz with a 2019 Council Exemplary Service Award for his outstanding, life-long contributions to the profession.

The Council Exemplary Service Award will be presented during Plenary 2 on Sunday, August 4, at 9:00 am, during ARCHIVES*RECORDS 2019, the Joint Annual Meeting of CoSA and SAA, in Austin, Texas.

Council Resolutions

The SAA Council is pleased to honor the following individuals and groups with a 2019 Council Resolution:

  • Ben Goldman and Eira Tansey, for their tireless work to build a critical resource for mapping the locations of archival repositories across the United States, and their work to use those data to address the current and future impact of climate change on archival repositories and the archival profession.
  • Chela Scott Weber, for her contributions to the profession on the Research and Learning Agenda for Archives, Special, and Distinctive Collections in Research Libraries, published by OCLC Research in October 2017.
  • Project STAND (Student Activism Now Documented) and its founders, Lae’l Hughes-Watkins and Tamar Chute, for their contributions to advocating for and supporting the work of underrepresented student communities’ engagement in social justice activities on and off campus.
  • The collective known as “Universities Studying Slavery,” for their work to provide a forum for academic institutions to critically examine their histories.
  • Courtney Dean, Lori Dedeyan, M. Angel Diaz, Melissa Haley, Margaret Hughes, and Lauren McDaniel—collectively known as “The UCLA Six”— and Shira Peltzman, for their contributions to the profession as advocates for fair labor practices in archives. 
  • Meg Moss, for her skillful copyediting and outstanding service to SAA and the archives profession.
  • Kelly Sweeney, for her fetching design work and outstanding service to SAA and the archives profession.

Council resolutions will be presented during the 2019 SAA Membership Business Meeting on Monday, August 5, at 3:00 pm, during ARCHIVES*RECORDS 2019, the Joint Annual Meeting of CoSA and SAA, in Austin, Texas.