SAA Council Resolution Honoring Universities Studying Slavery

Society of American Archivists
Council Resolution



WHEREAS members of the University of Virginia’s President’s Commission on Slavery and the University identified the need for, and subsequently created in 2015, an organization dedicated to  fostering cross-institutional learning among Virginia colleges and universities; and

WHEREAS this group expanded from a focus on Virginia to a group of more than 50 participating institutions, including schools from throughout the United States and Canada as well as institutions in England and Scotland; and

WHEREAS Universities Studying Slavery serves as a vital hub for participating institutions to work together as they address both historical and contemporary issues dealing with race and inequality in higher education and in university communities, as well as the complicated legacies of slavery in modern American society;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Universities Studying Slavery be honored with a 2019 SAA Council Resolution for their important work in providing a forum for academic institutions to critically examine their histories. 


Presented August 2019.