SAA Council Resolution Honoring Ben Goldman and Eira Tansey

Society of American Archivists
Council Resolution



WHEREAS In 2017, Ben Goldman, Archivist for Curatorial Strategies at Pennsylvania State University, and Eira Tansey, Digital Archivist/Records Manager at the University of Cincinnati, received an SAA Foundation grant to build a comprehensive data set mapping archives across the United States; and

WHEREAS Their work, assisted by research assistant, Whitney Ray, and numerous other individuals and organizations, resulted in the collection of more than 25,000 raw data points, providing valuable geospatial data on the locations of archives of various sizes across the country and the creation of a public map with more than 18,000 repositories; and

WHEREAS These data are invaluable to the archives profession and have been reused for numerous purposes, including mapping regional climate risks to archival repositories and identifying archives in areas affected by natural disasters; and

WHEREAS Goldman and Tansey have joined with other researchers to use these data to spotlight the ways in which archival repositories are endangered by climate change and to advocate for climate adaptation planning by archives and archivists;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Ben Goldman and Eira Tansey be honored with a 2019 SAA Council Resolution for their tireless work to build a critical resource for mapping the locations of archival repositories across the United States, and their work to use those data to address the current and future impact of climate change on archival repositories and the archival profession.


Presented August 2019.