SAA Council Resolution Honoring The UCLA Six

Society of American Archivists
Council Resolution



WHEREAS Six temporary archivists used social media, professional networks, and media to bring attention to short-term archivist work and labor practices in archives; and

WHEREAS Their open letter received hundreds of signatures and spurred a national discussion about salaries, temporary employment, and hiring practices in the archival profession; and

WHEREAS These archivists began working with SAA’s Issues and Advocacy Section and UC-AFT Local 1990 as well as via discussion lists to foster strategic discussions and critical conversations about collective bargaining efforts and labor issues; and

WHEREAS Their willingness to ask challenging questions about temporary labor in archives at great personal risk demonstrates their courage and commitment to fair labor practices;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Courtney Dean, Lori Dedeyan, M. Angel Diaz, Melissa Haley, Margaret Hughes, and Lauren McDanielcollectively known as “The UCLA Six”—and Shira Peltzman be honored with a 2019 SAA Council Resolution for their unwavering and proactive work to galvanize the archival community around labor advocacy.


Presented August 2019.