August - October 2019 Steering Committee Minutes

August 2019

  • The ERS Steering Committee did not meet outside of the Annual Meeting in August 2019.

September 2019

  • The ERS Steering Committee did not meet in September 2019.

October 2019 

  • Overview of 2018-2019 Project
    • Reviewed the responses from last year’s survey on top 3 digital archives resources and the current project implementation document
    • Early career member
      • Interest from three people so far; Susan will reach out to them to see if they’re still interested in working on this project
    • Voted to continue this project
    • May consider splitting up responsibilities among steering committee members: some folks work on annual meeting planning, others commit to continuing documentation/resource project
  • Secretary Update
    • Jane will continue as secretary for 2019/2020 term and will post public meeting minutes on a quarterly schedule: August-October (Q1); November-January (Q2); February-April (Q3); May-July (Q4)
  • BloggERS update
    • Brenna, communications liaison from bloggERS, will be joining our monthly calls for the 2019/2020 term
  • Possible topic(s) to discuss in the future
    • Negotiating with manager to dedicate time to SAA/ERS activities
    • Collaboration with SAA Records Management section
      • ERS did a joint section meeting with RMS a few years ago
    • Leadership skills and development: managing a program/budget, working with HR, building a business case for something, salary negotiation, writing ethical project positions, etc. (Rachel Mattson would be  a good person to work with if we do anything with this idea)
    • Solicit ideas from membership and help facilitate community-owned project