2024 Elections: Meet the Candidates!

You will be voting for:

  • Two Steering Committee members (three-year terms) (2024-2026); and
  • One bloggERS Communications Liaison (one-year term) (2024-2025). 

A note that we are slightly changing procedure for this election, due to no self-nominations for Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect. In this election, the person who receives the most votes for steering committee member will be offered the vice-chair position, and the candidates who receive the second-most and third-most votes will become steering committee members.

Ballots will be managed by SAA staff through Survey Monkey; keep an eye on your inbox for when the ballot opens! 

Steering Committee Member Candidates (2 open seats)

Evelyn Davis
Processing Archivist and Digital Humanities Librarian, Prairie View A&M University

Hello, My name is Evelyn Davis and consider myself the HBCU archivist. I am a Processing Archivist and Digital Humanities Librarian at Prairie View A&M University in Prairie View, Tx. I assist with helping the university re-discover their history since PVAMU is the second oldest university in the state of Texas. While obtaining my dual master's degrees, I had a passion and interest in African American Studies within Special Collections, so when I got the offer to work at an HBCU, I am honored to become a part of a rich history and legacy of families here in Prairie View, Tx. My other hobbies include writing poetry, dancing, bowling, painting artwork, exploring my local museums, blogging, and podcasting. Additionally, I am a Louisiana native, born in the New Orleans area and greatly influenced by my Creole heritage to embrace different cultures and having the need to preserve historical places. As a result, my love for cultural preservation started out combining my passion for writing and wanting to preserve stories at the same time. So, I am happy to continue my journey into Black Librarianship and strive to help communities preserve their stories for future generations.

My background in cultural preservation of African American collections, I would like to expand my knowledge and network in the Electronic Records Section Steering Committee. I want to continue to serve and protect African American history as we are facing hard time where schools are revising curriculums and taking out important aspects of African American history. I am also interested in doing more digital exhibitions and gathering digital collections including oral history digital humanities projects with various unknown and underrepresented communities and bring this knowledge to the committee to train African Americans about the importance of preservation. Hence, this is my motivation for serving in the Electronic Records Section Steering Committee.

Andrew McDonnell
Digital Archivist, University of Kentucky

I am just finishing my first year as a born-digital archivist in the University of Kentucky Libraries’ Special Collections Research Center. I am a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin’s MLIS program and gained a ton of practical experience along the way working at the University of Wisconsin Archives, the Wisconsin Center for Film and Theatre Research, and Pixar’s Living Archives. I’ve also worked as a lone arranger at a small boarding school’s archives. My role at Kentucky has me working at every stage of appraisal, accessioning, arrangement, description, and preservation with a wide variety of records, both institutional and as part of collections arriving from external donors, arriving in just as wide a variety of formats. I think I will get as much (probably more) from joining this committee as it will get from me, to be perfectly honest. I am still an early-career archivist learning new material and methods every day. Nonetheless, I would love the opportunity to meet and work with other people focused on electronic records in this capacity and being a part of conversations and a growing community devoted to this work. I have already benefited from the generosity and knowledge sharing provided by members of the Electronic Records section (including Digital POWRR and DANNNG!). I believe I could be a positive contributor to the steering committee and the experience I would get while doing so would be invaluable.

Kolbe Resnick
Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University

I am an archivist at the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale University. I hold an MLSIS from Pratt Institute and previously held positions at Anthology Film Archives and the Poetry Collection at the University at Buffalo. In every role in my career so far I’ve worked with born-digital materials. At UB and at Yale I continue to process hybrid collections with analog and born-digital archival materials, and refine workflows to identify efficient processes for transfer, description, ingest, preservation and access for born-digital files. This work takes many forms, including serving as secretary for a committee at Yale Libraries creating and fostering a community of practice around born-digital archiving. I also recently received the Digital Archives Specialist certificate from SAA. I’m always interested in learning how other archivists and institutions approach and solve issues around born-digital processing and preservation. In addition, I enjoy discussing practical and technological developments that aid in digital preservation efforts. Serving on SAA’s Electronic Records Section steering committee would be an excellent opportunity for me to expand my network, learn from colleagues, offer my own perspective, and work with others to identify sustainable and ethical strategies for the stewardship of electronic records.

Adrienne Serra
Digital Projects Archivist,
The Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley

I have over 10 years of experience working in Archives and Special Collections, with a focus on digitization projects and digital collections. Prior to working as Digital Project Archivist for the Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley, I headed the Digital Collections Suite at Virginia Tech Special Collections and helped lay the groundwork for processing born-digital collections with Archivematica. I received bachelor's degrees in Art History and Journalism from the University of Florida and my MLIS from Florida State University, with a focus in Archives and Museum Studies. Candidate statement: At the Bancroft Library I am currently working with accessioning of born-digital collections. I am helping to refine our workflows for born-digital accessioning and processing, including extracting and packaging files from a variety of legacy media formats, as well as PII search and file cleanup. I participate in a UC-wide Born Digital Common Knowledge group to discuss issues around ethical collecting and processing of born-digital materials and technical practices for packaging and preservation. This is an area I hope to continue to advance in and contribute to institutional decision-making and workflows, as well as to the evolving best practices in the field.

In addition to my involvement in large-scale digitization projects, I am currently working with born-digital collections. I've been looking to gain more experience and skills in digital preservation and born-digital archival work. I’ve enjoyed learning and helping to refine our workflows for accessioning and processing born-digital collections, including extracting and packaging files from a variety of legacy media formats and PII search and file cleanup. This is an area I hope to continue to advance in and contribute to institutional decision-making and workflows, as well as to the evolving best practices.

bloggERS Communications Liaison (one open seat)

Rebecca Hamburgess
Student, University of North Texas

I am interested in applying to the blogger/communication liaison position for the Electronic Records Steering Committee. Currently, I am enrolled in an Archives & Records Management Graduate Certificate program through the University of North Texas online. I have my MLIS from the University of Kentucky, 2013. For many years I have served as a K-12 Library Media Specialist. I have been a student member of SAA and have attended two local New England Archives Association Conferences. My interest is in Digital Archiving. I have two remaining courses in my program which will be complete in December 2024. I am looking to get more involved with SAA. Thank you for considering my application as the communication liaison.

Kailyn (Kay) Slater
Creative Technology Specialist, Oak Park Public Library

Candidate Statement With an interdisciplinary background across art, technology, and archives, serving as the bloggERS Communications Liaison would be a great opportunity to connect editors and writers for bloggERS to continue cultivating a pool of contributors; effectively communicate between the Steering Committee and the bloggERS Editorial Board; and if need be, post on the Section's social media. While not currently in an archives position, I develop public programming that focuses on media preservation, digitization, genealogy, and creative production tools. I thrive when connecting others to the tools, resources, and communication hubs they need to flourish. Since transitioning into library work, my research interests have shifted slightly from communication studies to critical archives studies and critical librarianship, with a focus on digital preservation and technology in special collections. As your bloggERS Communications Liaison, I hope to further support the exciting, engaging discourse the blog propagates by acting as an effective conduit between the ERS Steering Committee and bloggERS Editorial Board. Biography Kailyn (Kay) Slater is a Creative Technology Specialist at the Oak Park Public Library and MS/LIS student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign focusing on digital preservation and public services. They previously worked in the Special Collections department at Chicago Public Library. Currently serving on the SAA Local Arrangements committee, Kay coordinated a repository tour of Special Collections at OPPL and the Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio for the 2024 Annual Meeting. They have contributed to publications like Archival Outlook (March/April 2024), Public Libraries (May/June 2024), Library Trends (forthcoming 2024), and the SAA Reviews Portal (forthcoming 2024). While receiving a Master of Arts in Communication from the University of Illinois at Chicago, Kay co-authored an article in Fast Capitalism on institutional appropriations of deepfakes in 2022. They have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in New Media/Visual & Critical Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and when not working or studying, Kay DJs an internet radio show.