Changes proposed to SAA Web Archiving Section's Standing Rules for 2018-19

The Steering Committee of the SAA Web Archiving Section proposes to change the Section's governing “Standing Rules,” that dictate its composition and portfolio of responsibilities in advance of its next call for leadership nominations, anticipated in May 2018. We welcome you to review the attached PDF, which tracks changes to the Section’s Standing Rules as last updated and approved in 2017. In brief however, the Steering Committee propose to do the following:
  • Eliminate the positions of Web Liaison and Social Media Manager. Add the positions of Communications Manager and Student Member. The Steering Committee proposes to consolidate the responsibilities that have traditionally been split between the Section’s Web Liaison and Social Media Manager into a single new position, called the Communications Manager. This position will have broad responsibility to maintain the Section’s web presence (its microsite and blog) as well as messaging through social media services, email lists, etc. They will coordinate communications closely with other Steering Committee members, but will also be able to bring needed coordination and consistency to the process. The Steering Committee additionally proposes to add the new position of Student Member, to be filled by a currently enrolled student and student member of SAA. This position would have the opportunity to represent student workers in web archiving, to liaise between the Section and student/emerging professional groups, and to identify educational opportunities of especial value to archives students. This is not an internship or appointed volunteer position, rather it is a full member position on the Section’s Steering Committee.
  • Change the term of service for the Education Coordinator and Secretary positions from one year to two years. Since the Section’s founding as a Roundtable in 2013, the Chair/Elect has been the only steering committee appointment with a term of service longer than one year. This has enabled many to join and contribute in leadership during its formative years. However it can also hinder that leadership’s abilities realize projects commensurate with our Section’s size and scope of need. The Steering Committee believes that lengthening these positions’ terms will help the Section to realize year-long or longer efforts that in turn consider and serve the needs of a larger and increasingly diverse group, and even strengthen and increase opportunities for inter-Section and/or extra-Society collaborations.

SAA will administer a special referendum on these proposed changes in March 2018.

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