2017 Election

The SAA Web Archiving Section will vote its 2017-18 Steering Committee and on one proposed change to its Standing Rules in July 2017. Balloting will occur before the Section's annual meeting in Portland, Oregon. See below for descriptions of the open Steering Committee positions, statements by candidates for those positions, and a description of the proposed change to the Standing Rules.

Education Coordinator
- 1 year term
  • Serves as the section’s liaison to SAA’s Education Committee
  • Coordinates educational experiences, such as meet-ups, guest speakers, etc.
  • Serves as member of the Steering Committee

Candidates for Education Coordinator:

Becky Schulte
I have been the University Archivist at the University of Kansas since 2003. The University Libraries and the Archives have been archiving university web sites since 2013 using Archive-It. As part of our mission to document university life I am also a member of the Kansas Archive-It Consortium composed of the Kansas Historical Society and five public universities within the state of Kansas. We have just had an article published in the Web Archiving Special Issue of the Journal of Western Archives: Vol. 8 : Iss. 2, Article 4.  Here’s a link for those who are interested: http://digitalcommons.usu.edu/westernarchives/vol8/iss2/4/ An ongoing concern of the Consortium will be collaborating on the acquisition of sites to avoid duplication of content. I’ve been interested in web archiving since 2000 when I received a sabbatical to study the web sites of American left and right wing political groups. As the curator of the Wilcox Collection of Contemporary Political Movements I am now working within the KU Libraries to begin to archive the web sites of groups and individuals outside the range of the political norm to include as part of the Wilcox Collection. I am particularly interested in producing metadata that is clear and consistent as well as exploring methods to ensure that researchers can easily discover and gain access to the sites that we archive.

Katrina Windon
I’m the Accessioning and Processing Archivist at the University of Arkansas Special Collections, which is currently working on expanding its web archives from University-hosted pages to websites that complement our manuscript collections. Previously, I worked as a Photograph Archivist at the University of Nevada, Reno; I earned my MSIS from the University of Texas at Austin’s School of Information. In my own pursuit of learning more about web archiving, I’ve sampled from a variety of educational resources, from the Web Archiving Section’s own webinars and listserv, to vendor-sponsored training, an IIPC conference, and the SAA’s Digital Archives Specialist Certificate program. Despite the diversity of offerings that exist, however, there may be gaps—whether in course content or in membership awareness—and I would enjoy the opportunity to serve as a liaison between practitioners and those in SAA’s Committee on Education who are working to develop courses targeted to the membership’s needs. Working with the Born-Digital Access Bootcamp Working Group has also grown my interest in the need for more agile and user-driven ways to provide educational opportunities, particularly for areas—like web archiving—where the state of the art continually evolves, and I would welcome the opportunity to facilitate the request and development of local meet-ups and events.

Secretary - 1 year term
  • Establishes all Steering Committee meetings in consultation with Chair and Vice Chair
  • Calls for and distributes agenda items for Steering Committee meetings
  • Records meeting minutes and distributes them to the Steering Committee
  • Serves as member of the Steering Committee

Candidates for Secretary:

Bess Pittman
I am a web archivist, recently hired. I have found myself frustrated by the lack of guidance available regarding web archives, although I am not surprised by it, given the relatively recent inception of most concerted web archives efforts. I would like to contribute my organizational and note-taking skills to the steering committee in the hope that our joint efforts will help to build a strong and cohesive web archives community. Thank you for your consideration.

Nikki Lynn Thomas
I am currently the Archivist for Collection Management for UNC Charlotte Special Collections and University Archives where I supervise accessioning, arrangement, description, and preservation functions for the department, including establishment of policies, procedures, workflows, and guidelines. Previously, I was Manuscripts Curator at UT San Antonio, where I managed the university’s manuscript collections from acquisition to outreach. I have an MSIS from UT Austin with an emphasis in archives and records management, have been a Certified Archivist since 2008, and received my DAS certification in 2013. Along with being a current member of SAA, ACA, the Society of Southwest Archivists (SSA), and the Society of North Carolina Archivists (SNCA), I served on the SSA Publications Committee from 2010-2013, was a member of the Local Arrangements Committee for the 2016 SNCA conference, and currently serve as the SNCA Publications Chair. I have been a member of the ArchivesSpace User Advisory Council since 2015 and editor of The Primary Source for the past year. After extensive participation in University committees, most recently as secretary of the Atkins Library Faculty Committee, and regional professional organizations, I look forward to the opportunity to participate at the national level. I'm particularly excited to join the larger discussions surrounding web archiving, specifically with regard to the ethics of utilizing social media to document social justice movements. My research and professional interests include appraisal, documenting underrepresented and underdocumented communities, social media use by archival repositories, web archiving, and debating the merits of access versus preservation (always access).

Ashley Toutain
I currently serve as the Archives and Special Collections Assistant at the University of San Diego where my primary role is to process University records. Prior to arriving at USD, I was the Processing Archivist and Records Manager at Willamette University where I helped establish a web archiving program. With that program, we were able to preserve valuable pieces of University history that would have been lost to a changing website. Through that process, I became increasingly interested not only in the value web archiving plays in meeting records management needs, but also in web archiving as an avenue to preserve stories that are lost when we focus too heavily on more traditional media. In addition to my work in Archives, I was Project Manager for a successful digitization project and have served in a variety of secretarial roles. I have served on institutional and professional committees and am very interested in serving as Secretary the Web Archiving Section. To the Steering Committee I would bring my knowledge of the imminent value of Web Archiving as well as an eagerness to learn and engage with Roundtable members about how we select, manage, and preserve the ever-changing web platform.

Social Media Manager - 1 year term
  • Manages the section’s social media feeds
  • Serves as member of the Steering Committee

Candidates for Social Media Manager:

Samantha Abrams
Formerly with StoryCorps, I now work as a Web archivist — or, officially, the Ivy Plus Web Collections Resource Librarian — at Columbia University, where I help build Web collections through a consortium-based approach, in partnership with the Ivy Plus Libraries. In the role, I assist with the coordination of the collaborative web collection development program, and preform much of the work building the shared collections, including managing permission requests, harvesting, quality assurance, description and organization, assessment, and outreach for public use. Before Columbia, I worked at both the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Madison Public Library where I used Archive-It and Webrecorder.io to document student activism on Wisconsin’s campus. The Web collection at the Madison Public Library was the organization’s first, and has expanded to include government sites, community newsletters, and local, creative endeavors. Before joining the library world, I assisted with the management of social media accounts at McSweeney’s and The Rumpus — publishing houses based in San Francisco, California. I currently live in Brooklyn, New York and have a Master’s degree in Library Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s iSchool.

Melissa Schack Rupp
Web archiving is an increasingly important area which can benefit from a broad social media presence. As social media manager, I intend to bring the web archiving section to more social media platforms and engage a wider audience. I am currently serving on the Web Team in the Student Chapter of SAA at San Jose State University where I manage the Facebook page. My duties include informing members of events and news concerning the group activities and archives. I have found that social media is a powerful force to bring people together for a common cause and I'd like to be a part of that force to advocate and raise awareness for web archiving.

Vice Chair/Chair-Elect - 2 year term (first as Vice Chair, then as Chair)

  • Gives support to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the Chair as assigned
  • Operates as acting Chair in the absence of the Chair
  • Fulfills all responsibilities specified in the SAA Governance Manual, Section IX: Sections § E: Governance
  • Serves as member of the Steering Committee

Candidates for Vice Chair/Chair-Elect:

Alexis Antracoli
I am currently the Assistant University Archivist for Technical Services at Princeton University’s Mudd Manuscript Library where I lead technical services operations. Previously I worked at Drexel University Libraries and the University of Michigan Bentley Historical Library. I have published on web archiving and the archiving of born-digital audio visual content and currently teach in the graduate archives concentration at the Rutgers iSchool. I also co-organize the Archive-It Mid-Atlantic User Group and serve on the SAA Finance Committee. I am interested in serving as the Vice Chair/Chair-Elect of the Web Archiving Section in order to build upon the excellent work that has been done by the section since its founding, and because I have a strong professional interest in furthering the practice of web archiving in our profession. I would like to build on the survey of member needs completed this past year and connect Section members to additional educational and practical resources that meet their needs. In particular, I would like to revive the blog's guest posts and focus on providing more training in in the web archiving tools and practices of most interest to our members throughout the year. Thank you for your consideration for this position.

Gregory Wiedeman
Hi everybody. I’m the University Archivist for UAlbany, where we’ve been collecting the web since 2012. Mostly I work on preserving our school’s online permanent records, while also supporting our outside collecting in New York State politics. Recently I’ve been working on making our web collections more accessible by automating more and more data into ArchivesSpace, and then making it available to researchers. I think we’re starting an exciting time for web archives, as many of the technical challenges are falling, or already are long gone. This has enabled us to make out collections more visible in ways that were not feasible before. More researchers have continued to begin pioneering work by using computational tools with web archives. Together, I think this creates a great environment for a boom in research with web archives. Now that a lot of the technical challenges seem less daunting, we must focus on issues that, in some ways are much more challenging. This means focusing on the ethics of collecting and establishing standardized forms of documenting provenance. We don’t have to go it alone, there is a great community of web archivists out there, both among SAA, and beyond. The real purpose of the Section is to help steward this awesome community, to spread ideas, and to challenge our fellow archivists to tackle the really important problems.

Web Liaison - 1 year term

  • Manages the section’s official SAA and external websites
  • Serves as member of the Steering Committee

Candidates for Web Liaison:

Alston Brake Cobourn
I submit my name for consideration for the position of Web Liaison in SAA's Web Archiving Section because I feel this would be both a good opportunity for me to stay abreast of current efforts that relate to web archiving and to serve the archival community by helping spread this information. I have experience creating and maintaining my own personal website as well as maintaining multiple Wordpress sites in my previous position, and I believe this would enable me to fulfill the responsibilities of the position.

Kevin C. Miller
As University Archivist at UC Davis, I lead the Archives and Institutional Assets Program, which includes our web archiving initiative. I've been through two library website redesigns at two different academic libraries, and would be pleased to lend this perspective to the upkeep and development of the SAA Web Archiving Section website.

Gregory Pike
I'm a contract digital archivist at the National Library of Medicine's Digital Manuscript Program. While most of my work involves physical collections, I've recently been brought aboard NLM's web archiving initiative which among its objectives is to capture and preserve health and medicine-related blogs and websites for researchers. I'm familiar with the Archive-It platform, received training, and am well-versed in quality assurance and metadata entry. There is still a lot to learn and I think joining this section as Web Liaison would be a great position for me start learning both about the section, other web archiving practices, and learning what other section members are doing. As for my qualifications in general, I've served as web liaison/coordinator for several clubs both on and off the NIH campus so I believe I can do a good job here as well!

Standing Rules

The 2016-17 Steering Committee is proposing changes to the Web Archiving Section's standing rules (see attachment below).

An explanation of the changes:

The proposed changes to the standing rules streamline the Steering Committee structure by eliminating the Past Chair and Best Practices/Toolbox Committee as prescribed positions. These changes to do not prevent the immediate past chair from participating in the Section after their term (to complete or handoff a project) nor does it prevent the Chair or Vice Chair/Chair Elect from forming an ad hoc group as necessary to address needs related to best practices or tools in the field. The goal of these changes to is to make roles and responsibilities clearer, to reduce the burden of work for potential candidates for Vice Chair/Chair Elect, and to focus the work of the Steering Committee.

The 2016-2017 Steering Committee of the Web Archiving Section met in September 2016 for the first time and discussed possible bylaws changes. In discussion with SAA staff, this initiative was delayed until after full implementation of the Member Affinity Group Transition, which was set in motion following its approval by Council in August 2016. In May 2017, Council approved revisions to Section IX: Sections of the SAA Governance Manual to reflect the Member Affinity Group Transition. These revisions created umbrella bylaws that outline basic procedures shared by all Sections. Individual Sections, going forward, will have what are now called standing rules that outline specific positions, duties, committees, etc. The proposed changes to the Section's standing rules already include language to reflect the update to the SAA Governance Manual.


Please direct any questions concerning balloting or Steering Committee service to Karl-Rainer Blumenthal, Vice Chair/Chair-Elect, at: karlb [at] protonmail [dot] com.
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