August 2018 - April 2019 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

August - October 2018 (Q1)

The ERS Steering Committee did not meet in the first quarter of the 2018-2019 term.

November 2018 - January 2019 (Q2)

The Electronic Records Steering Committee (ERS SC) began meeting on a monthly basis in December 2018.

December 2018

  • Brainstormed potential projects to tackle during the remainder of the 2018-2019 term. Possibilities included:
    • Collaborations with Digital POWRR, SNAP, or bloggERS
    • Improving outreach and communication to members through various means
    • Highlighting/compiling resources and workflows in a central location
    • Facilitating a digital archives reading group
  • Discussed possible collaborations with other sections for the 2019 Annual Meeting
    • Chose to work with the Acquisitions & Appraisal (A&A) section.
  • Discussed ERS SC vacancy
    • Based on low participation in previous election, opted not to hold a special election to fill vacancy.

January 2019

  • Continued discussion of 2018-2019 project, a resource documentation project
    • Discussed how to share this idea with membership, survey mechanism to gather responses, how we might want to map resources to existing frameworks (e.g. OAIS, Digital Processing Framework, level/stage of digital archives/preservation program)
  • Continued discussion of Annual Meeting plan with Acquisitions & Appraisal (A&A) Section
    • Created document to brainstorm possible discussion/topic ideas
    • Discussed timeline for collaboration/meetings with A&A Section leadership

February - April 2019 (Q3)

February 2019

  • Met with Acquisitions & Appraisal (A&A) Section leadership re: Annual Meeting plans
    • Decided to use full two-hour timeslot
    • Members of A&A will add additional ideas for meeting to shared brainstorm document
    • Discussed possibility of devoting time to a case study presentation, discussion of email appraisal, breakout discussion groups
    • Delegated administrative work amongst ERS SC and A&A leaders
  • Postponed discussion of digital archives reading group
  • Continued planning for digital archives resource survey
  • Discussed existence of a small special projects budget that ERS has available

March 2019

  • Appointed ERS Secretary
    • Secretary will summarize backlog of meeting minutes to share with the public on ERS microsite
    • Discussed administrative work required to update ERS microsite and delegated work to ERS SC members
  • Continued Section Meeting planning
    • Would like to encourage SAA members who have not previously participated in section meeting/SAA Annual to participate on panels
    • Decided on the following topics:
      • Advocating for Appraisal
      • Appraisal tools (tool review)
      • Case Study
      • Discussion of group appraisal
      • Breakout sessions that align with the above presentations/panels
    • Checked in about digital archives resource survey
      • ERS SC members continue to share survey link on listservs and personal social media accounts until survey closes
      • Will revisit how we want to share results of this survey in a future meeting
    • Discussed possibility of working with an SAA intern
      • ERS SC can work with an intern for the remainder of the 2018-2019 term and/or the upcoming 2019/2020 term
      • Decided to put out a call for an intern to work on sharing results of resource survey

April 2019

  • Internship request update
    • Intern will work with us in the 2019/2020 term
    • Discussed plans to work with intern to determine best way to share resource survey results in a meaningful way
  • Discussed resource survey responses
    • Next steps for this project include putting together a list of desired outcomes/how to share; drafting taxonomy to code the resources in a useful way
  • Continued Section Meeting planning
    • Discussed two collaboratively-organized sessions: Advocating for Appraisal & Appraisal Tools
      • ERS SC members will sign up to participate 
      • Agreed to open up this invitation to ERS membership if slots are not filled
    • Discussed case study presentation and group appraisal panel
      • Need to confirm that we have participants for case study presentation
      • Need participants for panel and a moderator for group appraisal panel
    • Will try to finalize our own participation and other speakers by the end of April
  • Secretary update
    • Reviewed administrative work that needs to get done in order to share a high-level summary of meeting minutes with membership
    • Secretary will:
      • Establish a quarterly meeting minutes posting schedule
      • Post August 2018-April 2019 backlog of minutes on ERS microsite