Agendas and Minutes


  • SAA Annual Meeting Minutes (July 20)




  • Conference Call Agenda (Dec. 16)
  • SAA Annual Meeting Agenda and Minutes (Aug 3)
  • Conference Call (Apr. 20)
  • Conference Call Minutes (Jan. 22)


  • Conference Call Agenda (Oct. 19)
  • SAA Annual Meeting Agenda and Minutes (Aug. 19)
  • Conference Call (July 20)
  • Conference Call Agenda and Minutes (June 5)
  • Conference Call Agenda (Jan. 9)


  • SAA Annual Meeting Agenda and Minutes (Aug. 13)
  • Conference Call Agenda (July 30)
  • Conference Call Agenda (May 14)
  • Conference Call Agenda (Feb. 7)


  • Conference Call Agenda (Sept. 24)
  • SAA Annual Meeting Agenda  and Minutes (Aug. 14)
  • Conference Call Agenda and Minutes (March 21)




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IPWG Agenda for Google Hangout - Monday, September 17th.pdf101.51 KB
SAA IPWG Minutes Sept 2012 final.pdf95.45 KB
IPWG Agenda 11-14-2012.pdf41.16 KB
Draft Agenda for Google+ Hangout - Thursday 3_21.pdf89.15 KB
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Minutes June IPWG.pdf101.08 KB
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IPWG Conference Call Minutes (2016 January 22) - Google Docs.pdf121.33 KB
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SAA 2016 IPWG Annual Meeting Agenda 2016.pdf70.04 KB
IPWG December 2016 Meeting Agenda.pdf75.03 KB
SAA IPWG 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes.pdf110.47 KB
SAA IPWG 2018 Annual Meeting Agenda.pdf124.17 KB
IPWG February 2018 Meeting Agenda.pdf130.26 KB
SAA 2017 IPWG Annual Meeting Agenda.pdf120.24 KB
2017 IPWG Annual Meeting minutes.pdf117.79 KB
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