2017 Ballot Referendum on Section's Standing Rules

Referendum Summary

In addition to voting for chair-elect and steering committee candidates, section members will be asked to approve revised Standing Rules (previously known as By-Laws; more about that change below) for the College and University Archives Section as part of this year's election process.  The referendum will appear on the ballot members receive via SurveyMonkey sometime between June 26 and 28.

Wondering what changes you'll be voting for?  A marked-up copy of the old By-Laws is attached to this post, showing all additions, deletions, and modifications for your convenience.  

Major changes to be aware of are:

  • The proposed Standing Rules reflect the Section's movement to the Academic Archivist blog, and away from the newsletter, to convey content of interest to members. 
  • The proposed Standing Rules revise the position of chair-elect/chair (a two-year term) to chair-elect/chair/immediate past chair (a three-year term). This change will help to sustain section business from year-to-year and give greater continuance to section leadership.

By-laws vs. Standing rules

Last month, SAA Council approved a new system where Section IX of the Governance Manual serves as the umbrella by-laws for all sections. Individual section by-laws will be called “standing rules.” Changes you see in the attached redlined document that reflect the "standing rule" language or new governance procedures are not up for vote, but rather are required by Council's action.

If you have any questions about any of these changes, please contact Kat Stefko.  

CollegeUnivArchivesSectionStandingRulesRevisions2017Redlined.docx21.33 KB