Tenure|Promotion|Sabbaticals (TaPaS) Resources

Welcome to the Tenure|Promotion|Sabbaticals (TaPaS) Pathways Working Group resources page which was created to address tenure, promotion and sabbatical issues for archivists in tenure-track positions. We have compiled some resources that we hope will help you with questions and give you information about all things related to tenure and promotion. This page is a work in progress so check back as we add more links and information.

Archivist Profiles

Coming soon! This survey will compile information about academic archivists to understand the make-up of those in the field.

Coaching Databank

The coaching databank was created as a resource for anyone interested in reaching out to an archivist with questions about tenure, promotion or the sabbatical process. You can also list yourself as someone who would like to be a protégé if you have questions about the process.

We will not be matching anyone with a specific mentor/protégé but rather listing archivists' names and contact information who have specific areas of expertise. We hope that members will reach out to those listed with questions or help new archivists with tenure and promotion issues.


Coming soon! The glossary is an on-going list of key terms in the promotion, tenure, and sabbatical process. The working group recognized a need to define terms as they can vary from institution to institution. Additionally, the glossary will introduce archivists interested in the tenure and promotion process to relevant terminology.

If you have any questions about the TaPaS resources, please do not hesitate to reach out to the College and University Archives Section.

Please check back for updates!