2023-08-17 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes


  • Susan Paterson (Chair)
  • Corinne Chatnik (Vice-Chair)
  • Allison Fischbach (Secretary)
  • Amanda Greenwood (Education Coordinator)

Agenda Items:

  1. WAS Annual Report
    Due September 1
    New Section Liaison: Alison Clemens
    Susan will share a draft for comment/editing next week
  2. Informing Successful and Unsuccessful Steering Candidates
    New Members:
    Hope Dunbar (Vice Chair/Chair Elect)
    Kirsti Mukk (Communications Manager)
    Lizzy Zarate (Student Member)

    Corinne will email/welcome new steering members
    Susan will email/thank unsuccessful candidates

  3. Invitation to Speak at Boston web archiving event
    Corinne recieved an email from the Boston Library Consortium inviting WAS steering members to speak at the COI meeting in late September (via Zoom)
    Potential Dates: Thursday September 21 or 28 or Friday September 22 or 29 between 1 – 3 PM (EST).
    Corinne and Amanda have volunteered to speak
  4. Other information about transferring duties
    New meeting of the next cycle will be in September
    Corinne will organize a Doodle poll to decided new meeting times
    Student Member Duties will be better defined, and allow for attainable projects (blog posts, cold emailing, sharing other duties, etc.)
    Allison will organize the GDrive for the new year.

Adjourned: 10:33a PST / 1:33p EST