2023-06-12 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes


Susan Paterson (Chair)

Corinne Chatnik (Vice-Chair)

Allison Fischbach (Secretary)

Amanda Greenwood (Education Coordinator)

Agenda items:

  1. Continuing Business

  1. Annual Meeting Planning

  1. Collaboration with Preservation and International Affairs regarding SUCHO. June 20, 2023

      1. Powerpoint Presentation Draft:

        1. Ellen will do primary introduction

        2. Chairs will lead section business meetings

        3. Liaison will speak

        4. Corinne will introduce panelists

        5. Who will do Land Acknowledgement? 

      2. Susan and Corinne are continuing to work on the shared presentation.

        1. Stats Document:

      3. Need volunteers to move through slides and moderate chat.

      4. Corinne will ask SUCHO speakers about any slides/presentation materials.

    1. Shared document with suggested meeting format: (see other document

    2. Amanda is doing an annual summary of activities Blog Post.

  1. Virtual Conversation Lounge options during annual meeting

    1. What time/date is the lounge? - have not heard back

  2. Send out Tweet/Listserv info about meeting

    1. Registration Link

  1. Election Planning

  1. Nominations are in. Any updates on elections?

  2. Susan posted nominations to Microsite:

  3. Elections open June 26th - July 17th: send out reminders to WAS listserv

Adjourned: 11:59PST / 2:59 EST