2023-04-13 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

Agenda and Minutes

April 13, 2023, 10am PST/1pm EST


  • Susan Paterson (Chair)
  • Corinne Chatnik (Vice-Chair)
  • Allison Fischbach (Secretary)
  • Amanda Greenwood (Education Coordinator) 

Agenda items:

Continuing Business

Blog: Web Archiving Section / 22/23 Blog Content Ideas

  • Two new posts: Julien Masanas Coffee Chat recap and Hungarian Web Archiving Practices
  • Action Item: Allison will fix blog title typo

Annual Meeting Planning

  • Ellen will do the initial introduction. 
  • WAS will share annual analytics on outreach/engagement and call for 2023 Nominations
  • Action Item: Susan will share last year’s annual presentation with the steering committee.
  • Action Item: Allison will pull analytics, Susan will draft slides
  • Action item: Susan will draft Land Acknowledgement slide using Native-Land.ca | Our home on native land as a guide.
  • International Affairs created a shared document with suggested format for meeting. (see other document) 

Suggested format From Web Archiving Section:

Section Business: 10-15 minutes (Let SUCHO know they can join at 15 after)

      • Business meeting of IAAS - chair
      • Business meeting of Preservation - chair
      • Business meeting of Web Archiving - chair

Quick intro to SUCHO members from SAA section leaders

SUCHO presents for 20-35 minutes, suggested topics include:

      • What made you realize this organization needed to exist?
      • How is SUCHO doing it?
      • What are your goals for the organization and how can attendees to this program help?
      • What is your overall experience?
      • What was the time commitment? 
      • Technical skills required? 
      • What was the emotional experience?

Prepared questions from section members:

      • One or two really good questions from each section

Questions from audience

Thank you and wrap up

  • Action Item: Think of questions for SUCHO 
  • Podcasts and Articles: https://www.sucho.org/press 
  • Action Item: Susan emailed SAA Liaison Tonia Sutherland - no response, will try Lydia Tang.
  • Action Item: Allison will send out WAS Listserv save the date.

Election Planning

  • Seeking Candidates for positions
  • Make announcement at Annual Meeting calling for nominations.
  • Action Item: Allison will make copy for 2023 (check SAA WAS 2021-2022 Drive)

Adjourned: 11:47a PST / 1:47p EST