2023-03-09 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

Agenda and Minutes

March 9, 2023, 10am PST/1pm EST


  • Susan Paterson (Chair)
  • Corinne Chatnik (Vice-Chair)
  • Allison Fischbach (Secretary)
  • Amanda Greenwood (Education Coordinator) 

Agenda Items:

General Announcements

  • none

Continuing Business

Blog: Web Archiving Section / 22/23 Blog Content Ideas

  • Look into web archiving practices in: Cambodia, Thailand, Turkyie, South Asia, France.
  • Action Item: Everyone investigate/reach out to international web archiving experts for blog posts.
  • Gyula Kalsco at OSZK Webarchívum (Hungary) had agreed to write a post - trying to get it up in March.
  • Corinne will reach out to Ivy Plus about a blog post.
  • Susan hasn’t had a chance to research any areas yet.
  • Action Item: Allison will write a short blog post and link to Julien Masanes Coffee Chat recording.

Coffee Chats: 2022-2023 Coffee Chat Ideas

  • Julien Masanes Coffee Chat recap
  • Overview of technical issues
  • Concern that the topic of the meeting wasn’t directly applicable to attendees. It may have been more focused on records management than archives. 
  • 94 registrants / 46 attendees. Some attendees from LoC and National Archives.
  • Susan added copy of coffee chat run sheet in Coffee Chat folder.

Annual Meeting Planning

  • Annual meeting collaboration with Preservation and International Affairs groups regarding preserving Ukrainian web content/SUCHO
  • Annual Meeting Schedule/Planning:
    • Corinne has scheduled the meeting (via WebEx) June 20th, 12p EST (90 minutes)
    • Are participants willing to be recorded?
    • Post to section ListServ to register after the full SAA schedule is posted.
    • Action Item: Susan will contact SAA Liaison Tonia Sutherland to update her on our happenings, how long the business meeting should be, and whether we should use breakout rooms.
    • If Tonia doesn’t reply, ask Lydia Tang.
    • Options for the business section include breakout rooms, brief announcements before presentations, or at the end of the meeting.
  • Next steps?
    • Anna from SUCHO and other volunteers have agreed to present.
    • Action Item: Corinne will reach out to Anna and other sections (Kim, Ellen, and Tonia) to confirm the meeting agenda and structure. (Presenters should give a 20 minute overview about the project and their involvement, followed by a 30 minute panel discussion, then audience Q&A.)
      • What made them realize this organization needed to exist?
      • How are they doing it?
      • What are their goals for the organization and how can attendees help? 
      • What is your experience, time commitment, technical skills, emotional experience?
    • Meet later about the business meeting and breakout rooms (possibly May.)

Election Planning

  • Seeking Candidates for positions
  • Allison is willing to run for Secretary again
  • Action Item: Susan has to draft a Google Form for candidates (check SAA WAS 2021-2022 Drive)

Adjourned: 10:52 PST / 1:52 EST