2023-02-09 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

Agenda and Minutes
February 9, 2023, 10am PST/1pm EST

Susan Paterson (Chair)
Corinne Chatnik (Vice-Chair)
Allison Fischbach (Secretary)
Amanda Greenwood (Education Coordinator)

Absent: none

Agenda items:

General Announcements SAA Awards and Nominations

  • “The Society of American Archivists annually recognizes leaders and achievers in the field of archives. SAA offers a variety of professional recognitions and financial assistance through an awards competition, student scholarships, and the naming of Fellows. The deadline for submitting a nomination or application is February 28.”

Continuing Business


  • Shereen Tay at Singapore Archives has written a post for February.
  • Action Item: Allison will post to blog on Feb.15th.
  • Amanda has interest in focusing on Korean Web Archiving practices and is investigating who to contact.
  • Corinne can tag accounts on Twitter posts to connect with potential writers.
  • Look into web archiving practices in: Cambodia, Thailand, Turkyie, South Asia, France, and others.
  • Action Item: Everyone investigate/reach out to international web archiving experts for blog posts.
  • Corinne will reach out to Ginny Boyer (Princeton), Galadriel Chilton (Yale) and Alex Thurmon (Columbia) for a blog post about about Ivy Plus consortium. (ivpluslibraries.org)

Coffee Chats:

  • Julien Masanes has agreed to participate!
  • Julien has not responded with a date yet.
  • Action Item: Allison will investigate if we can post .mp4 of recorded chat to the microsite.
  • Corinne mentioned the ability to post recordings to YouTube in the future, with presenter consent.
  • Action Item: Draft a (brief) questions sheet.
  • Post to twitter, blog, and listserv to promote.

Collaboration with Description Group, maybe Caitlin Birch Caitlin Birch (@preserCAITion) / Twitter (BPE Presentation Description)

  • Caitlin Birch has declined.

Proposed in December: Holding a WAS-hosted informal, spring coffee chat panel on web archiving projects and careers.

  • Do we want to continue organizing this event? If so, what date?
  • Agreed to postpone event until next year.

Annual Meeting Planning

  • Annual meeting collaboration with Preservation and International Affairs groups regarding preserving Ukrainian web content/SUCHO.
  • Susan and Corinee met with other groups a few weeks ago.
  • Joint section meeting would involve a panel of “average archivists” and Ukrainian archivists discussing SUCHO/ Ukrainian web archiving.
  • How will the business meeting portion operate?
  • Action Item: Susan will review what sections have to report during business meeting. Business could be briefly reported out at the beginning of the meeting and linked in a shared document.
  • Do we want to move forward with planning? Need to get back to Ellen others by Feb. 15/23
  • Action Item: Susan will email Ellen and Kim to confirm we are on-board.
  • Action Item: Corinne will contact Quinn to invite her to participate.
  • Action Item: Susan will contact SAA Liaison Tonia Sutherland about handling the business section of the annual meeting.
  • Action item: Susan will remove Mara and Sarah from meeting Google Invitation List.

Adjourned: 11:02 PST / 2:02 EST