2021-10-30 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

Agenda and Minutes 

October 30, 2021


Melissa Wertheimer (Chair)
Susan Paterson (Vice-Chair)
Rosemary Grant (Marketing and Communications Manager)
Amanda Greenwood (Student Member)
Kiera Sullivan (Secretary)
Ryder Kouba (Education Coordinator)

Agenda items:

I. News/Questions/Announcements

  • Recent emails recap (Melissa) 
    9/30 - Meet the Steering Committee blog post suggested. Ideas: sharing our introductions, favorite web archive. How to up our presence and activity on Twitter. Ideas: orgs to follow, retweet, sharing LibGuides.
    10/4 - Felicia Owens said all permissions updated for Microsite.
  • Amanda asked where she could find the document created by the section’s previous Communications Manager, April Feldman. Melissa stated that it is in last year’s folder on Google Drive, and she shared it in the chat. 
  • ACTION: Kiera will put a copy of it into the WAS 2021-2022 folder on Google Drive.
    10/6 - Kiera sent around a call for agenda items.
  • Rosie raised the topic of when someone asks to contribute to the blog post. Melissa shared that Grace McCann reached out to April Feldman via email last month. She suggested that we hold this topic until we reach our Guest Blogger Communication agenda item. Melissa shared that she contributed a piece about the release of a collection that she curates to the SAA Performing Arts Archives Section. The piece mentions our section.
  • ACTION: Rosie will share the link for it once it is published.
  • Susan mentioned that when Rosie last tweeted an article, a colleague of hers picked it up.
  • Amanda noted that she might have guest blogger ideas. Melissa suggested that we hold this topic until we reach our Guest Blogger Communication agenda item.

II. Old/Continuing Business: Blog 

  • Meet the new steering committee blog post (Melissa). Melissa noted that she wants it to be different enough from last year’s introduction post. We have already decided to mention a favorite web archive. Melissa suggested we specify if it's one you worked on or use as a user. She asked for any other ideas to help beef it up?
  • Suggestions included:
    Melissa: Fav solution to come up with to fix a problem
    Rosie: not all of us work directly with WA in our jobs. Something that doesn’t require actively working on a WA
    Susan: challenges you find working with WA
    Melissa: Something we all love about WA
  • The group agreed on mentioning something we value most about web archiving - what we find the most engaging in the work/use of WA. Kiera updated the Brief on the draft blog post document in our Google Drive space.
  • Rosie asked about a deadline for our individual portions of the post. Amanda asked when we want it posted by. Melissa suggested before Thanksgiving. Kiera suggested picking one regular day a month. Melissa suggested Wednesdays in order to use the hashtag #webarchivewednesday.
  • Kiera suggested 11/10 to give us ample time for this first post, and the second Wednesday of every month going forward. The group agreed on the first post going up on 11/10.
  • Melissa asked when we should have it all to Amanda. Amanda said it is her first time working with Wordpress, and she may need a little time to figure things out. Rosie said that she manages one and she can help Amanda if needed. Amanda set a deadline to have everything written  by 11/3. Amanda will post on 11/10 with the hashtag. Rosie and Amanda will make sure it is posted to all the cool places.
  • Melissa suggested that while we are posting on the second Wednesday for November, we should plan on the first Wednesday of every month for our regular post. This gives plenty of time throughout the rest of the month to add extra posts. The group agreed.
  • Guest blogger communication (Melissa): Melissa shared that we have a first volunteer - Grace McGann. Rosie, Melissa, and Amanda are in touch via email with Grace. Melissa said that we need to communicate to Grace her deadline, and plan for her to be the first post of December.
  • Melissa shared that April Feldman kept all the text for the blog posts in the Google Drive space.
  • Kiera mentioned that last year April Feldman was in touch with each volunteer and managed all of the scheduling and posting. Melissa suggested reaching out to the people who expressed interest last year but didn’t submit.
  • Rosie and Amanda discussed who would spearhead this. DECISION: Rosie will spearhead reaching out to those people. Melissa agreed that communications should be Rosie, and posting should be Amanda. Rosie suggested a running list and then scheduling. Kiera mentioned that last year we put out a few calls for contributors and included a link to a Google Sheet where people could put information about the blog posts they would like to write/contribute. Melissa and Ryder confirmed that this was how it worked last year.
  • Rosie asked about guidelines (word count, etc.) - Melissa pointed the group to a document in last year’s steering committee Google Drive space that April Feldman created which gives guidelines for WAS bloggers.
  • Rosie asked if all of the ideas on last year’s ideas documentI were already posted or if she should cross-check. Melissa pointed out the Blog calendar sheet from last year and it tells which ones were posted.
  • ACTION: Rosie will make a copy of last year’s Blog Calendar and Ideas document and place them in this year’s Steering Committee space.
  • Amanda shared that she has a ton of ideas and people she wants to wrangle in. She shared some details about being in touch with Greg Wiedeman, University Archivist at UAlbany about contributing a post. He pointed her to an Internet Histories article about web appraisal. She shared a PDF in the chat. She wants to try to get SNAP members to participate - topics could include what are you learning / doing / experiencing.
  • Melissa suggested that Amanda send an email to the SNAP section since she is the Student Member.
  • Susan mentioned that Amanda recently presented on a web archiving panel with Greg Wiedeman.
  • Susan reminded Melissa to share a recent article that she contributed to a book. 
  • Melissa encouraged Amanda and Rosie to both begin their communications/outreach.
  • ACTION: Rosie and Amanda will meet to discuss who reaches out to whom.
  • ACTION: All should cc: Rosie and Melissa on any section communication sent out.

III. Old/Continuing Business: Listserv and Twitter 

  • Melissa explained how we post to the SAA listservs: log in to your SAA account, go to your sections, and pick the section from the list. Melissa noted that there is a short delay. Kiera stated that the post usually appears the next day.  Melissa stated that anything that gets posted on the listserv should also be represented in a tweet.
  • Rosie gave a Twitter activity update. She also encouraged the group to send her links for anything that is interesting and can be retweeted/posted.
  • Rosie - asked if there was anything else she should know about posting to the listserv. Kiera said that every post should always go to WAS and to Announcements, then any additional sections of relevance. It is a good idea to send the initial post, then reminder ones if warranted.
  • Melissa asked Rosie if she had been able to check who we are following on Twitter. Melissa had a list to see if we were following them. Rosie invited suggestions from the group on who else we should follow. Kiera suggested that we all personally follow and amplify the WAS twitter.
  • Amanda suggested we all share our twitters:
    Ryder: https://twitter.com/rsko83/status/1447491034779463680
    Susan: @susanpater
    Amanda: https://twitter.com/AmandaGreenw00d
    Kiera: needs to look hers up (not active)

IV. Ideas for collaborative coffee chats 

  • Melissa suggested that Ryder spearhead collaborative coffee chat management since they lean towards education. Ryder accepted the role. Melissa indicated that we all should reach out to Ryder if there is anyone who we want to involve.
  • Kiera noted that Ryder has already begun adding ideas to the collaborative doc, and we all should too.
  • Melissa asked if Susan had any Canadian colleagues we could add to the coffee chat brainstorm list or blog list. Susan thinks she does. They aren’t necessarily “archivists” by title, but they are librarians who do web archiving. Melissa said that this is not a barrier at all.
  • Amanda also suggested involving Korean web archivists.
  • ACTION: All contribute to the coffee chat document.

V. New Business

  • Set up regular monthly meeting (Kiera)
  • Melissa wants to be more flexible and use Doodle Polls for each monthly meeting.
  • Ryder agreed that he prefers flexibility. The rest of the group agreed that this would work for them. The group agreed that we will continue to do the Doodle Polls.
  • Kiera will regularly send out the Doodle Polls for the meetings.
  • ACTION: Kiera will send out the Doodle poll for the November meeting.
  • Melissa asked if the email recap was helpful. Kiera said that any emails that didn’t include everyone would be helpful to recap. Susan agreed. Susan mentioned that the DLF forum will be Nov 1-4. Melissa said it's free and there’s also 1 Birds of a Feather web archive session.

Meeting adjourned at 10:01am PACIFIC / 1:00pm EASTERN