2019-01-28 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

Agenda and Minutes

January 28, 2019


  1. Alexis Antracoli
  2. Julia Corrin
  3. Elisa Landaverde
  4. Louise Lobello
  5. Kelsey O’Connell


  1. Emily Ward

I. Old Business

A. Education Programming Update

1. Sunlight Foundation Webinar

2. Webrecorder Webinar

a) Julia reported that both webinars for Sunlight Foundation and Webrecorder are scheduled for the end of March and end of April

b) Action: Julia will officially get times on calendar, send information to Steering Committee once finalized, and make official announcements via email and listservs

B. Communications Update

1. Roundup suggestions (Elisa):

a) Archive-It releases add scoping rules in bulk to web archiving seeds.

b) Archive-It is hiring. See job postings for a Partner Coordinator and a Technical Support Specialist here.

c) Anthony Vaver, Local History Librarian and Archivist at Westborough Public Library, recounts the web archiving experience at Westborough.

d) Natalie Baur gives an inside scoop on Piloting the 2018 Government Web Archive.

e) Wikipedia is 18#mce_temp_url# years old and to celebrate we take back to their effort of rescuing broken links through the Wayback Machine.

f) Cobweb launches to develop web archive collections with their new platform.

g) Technology policy reporter Cat Zakrezwski addresses the issue of social media and politics.

h) Valerie Schafer and Benjamin G. Thierry take us back to the 90s as the turning decade for Internet and the Web.

i) Gethin Rees, Lead Curator of Digital Mapping at the British Library, talks about extracting place names from Web Archives at Archives Unleashed Vancouver.

j) The Web Science and Digital Libraries Research Group at Old Dominion University have a great recap of their 2018 activities, such as the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL ’18) and several web archiving articles.

3. All call attendees approve/no questions

4. Action: Elisa will post Round-Up after today’s meeting and Louise will share via Twitter

C. Metadata and Digital Object Collaboration at Annual Meeting

1. Discuss ideas from emails about linked data

a) MDOS proposed something related to linked data

b) All call attendees could not think of topics/trends relating web archives to linked data practices

(1) Elisa suggested that a possible option is how finding aids include URIs [e.g. in ArchivesSpace] to web archives on other platforms

c) Action: Alexis will tell MDOS that we will not be able to use linked data as our topic

2. Any other Annual Meeting ideas

a) Kelsey proposed instead hosting a debate between MDOS and WAS about descriptive metadata practices of web archives

b) Alexis suggested that if we cannot do this with MODS, we can still do this on our own

c) Alexis stated we will likely be able to draw from our own networks to create a panel for the debate.

d) Action: Kelsey will send Alexis a write-up of the debate proposal for the annual meeting

e) Action: Alexis will contact MDOS

II. New Business

A. Announcements

1. None