2018-11-19 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

Agenda and Minutes

November 19, 2018


  1. Alexis Antracoli (Chair)
  2. Emily Ward (Vice Chair)
  3. Julia Corrin (Education Coordinator)
  4. Kelsey O’Connell (Secretary)
  5. Louise LoBello (Student Steering Committee Member)


  1. Elisa Landaverde (Communications Coordinator)

I. Old Business

A. Education Programming Update

1. DAS Course

a) There is already a course for web archiving

b) What is the SAA policy for updating webinars?

c) ACTION: Check and see if existing course needs updating (Julia may be able to audit it for free)

2. Sunlight Foundation Webinar

a) Alexis spoke with SF and they are interested in hosting a Webinar with us to highlight their work with the Web Archiving Section

b) Unanimous agreement from Committee to promote the Webinar through the Section’s regular channels

c) ACTION: Alexis to send them to Julia to coordinate details

3. Webrecorder Webinar

a) Anna Perricci of Webrecorder contacted Alexis about collaboration to host a webinar to Web Archiving Section for an introduction to the program

b) Unanimous agreement from Committee to collaborate and promote the Webinar through the Section’s regular channels

c) ACTION: Alexis to send them to Julia to coordinate details

4. ACTION: Julia to investigate potential recording and dissemination options for future webinars plans

B. Communications Update

1. Web Archiving Roundup

a) ACTION: Elisa will email us with her ideas for the next roundup as she is unable to attend this meeting

2. Twitter

a) Louise reports recent interactions with other accounts and activities including Archive-It, the Library of Congress, and the IIPC conference on Twitter earlier this month

b) Louise reports ~34 new followers

3. SAA Connect/Microsite Update

a) Kelsey summarized the proposed changes to the Microsite outlined in the shared Google Sheet; Noted changes include:

(1) Outdated election information will be hidden

(2) Broken links in right-hand column will be updated and a new category will be added for Social Media

(3) Group nodes will no longer be hidden, allowing users to view all publicly published materials on site through links at bottom of page

(4) Old minutes from Steering Committee will be migrated to the Microsite but remain hidden from the public

b) Unanimous agreement from Committee to update the Microsite

c) ACTION: Kelsey will make proposed changes to Microsite

4. Blog Changes

a) Elisa updated the blog’s theme at the end of October after the Committee’s discussion via email

II. New Business

A. Metadata and Digital Object Section Collaboration

1. Blake Graham, Chair of the Metadata and Digital Object Section (MDOS) contacted Alexis about potential collaborations between our two Sections

2. Initial idea is to propose a joint Section meeting during the SAA 2019 Annual Meeting

a) Alexis and Julia noted that SAA has been pushing for more collaborative Section meetings than in the past

3. Unanimous agreement from Committee to consider and develop ideas for collaboration

4. ACTION: (All) Bring ideas to next meeting for collaborative ideas with MDOS

B. Announcements

1. Kelsey wondered if we’ve heard anything from Lae’l Hughes-Watkins about Project STAND collaborations

a) Alexis noted that she hadn’t received a reply yet

b) Louise noticed on Twitter that Lae’l may have been impacted by California fires