2018-10-15 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

Agenda and Minutes

October 15, 2018


  1. Emily Ward (Vice Chair)
  2. Julia Corrin (Education Coordinator)
  3. Elisa Landaverde (Communications Coordinator)
  4. Kelsey O’Connell (Secretary)
  5. Louise LoBello (Student Steering Committee Member)


  1. Alexis Antracoli (Chair)

I. Old Business

A. Web Archiving Roundup Update (Elisa)

1. Elisa is waiting on correct log-in credentials for blog; Alexis is following-up with Elisa for log-in

2. List of things to include in next round up:

a) Sunlight Foundation announces The Web Integrity Project Volunteer Position: Health & Healthcare Website Monitoring Analyst

b) Policy Matters. ACA@UBC 11th Annual Seminar and Symposium, 14-15 Feb. 2019 https://slais.ubc.ca/events/event/policy-matters-acaubc-11th-annual-seminar-and-symposium/

c) Librarians, Archivists & Technology: A Survey of Tools Used

d) Archive-It announcement: Cobweb Call for Participation and Metadata

e) National Library of Medicine update on the Opioid Epidemic web archive

f) University of Birmingham geographical research using archived websites

B. Education Programming Update (Julia and Alexis (see my notes))

1. SAA DAS Course

a) I reached out to Karl and he sent a long email about this, which I am forwarding to the group.  The basic issue is that SAA wants to do this through their education programming and Archive-It thinks that should be independent of them.  We need to pursue it with the appropriate people at SAA.  Julia agreed to follow up and may have more to say. -AA

b) Julia waiting on Rana [Salzmann] for more information on whether this should be a SAA course/program;

(1) unknown whether this would be a course (DAS-like), in-person workshop, or webinar

(2) unknown whether this should be a course/program dedicated to teaching Archive-It (system) or general web archiving

c) Committee stated general consensus that if it is a course/program on Archive-It, then Archive-It should host

d) Committee stated general consensus that a webinar would probably be sufficient

e) Next steps:

(1) confirm actual format of instruction, confirm who is hosting the instruction (Archive-It or SAA?), and put together the proposal for approval

2. Project STAND and Sunlight Foundation

a) I reached out to Lae’l about Project STAND, but have not heard anything back. -AA

b) Got this email from Sunlight Foundation.  I will reply to Rachel, but I have a couple of thoughts.  First, we could give them some PR for their volunteer project via the listserv.  Secondly, we could sponsor another webinar, maybe in the spring on the role of web archiving in ensuring data integrity for government docs.  Interested to hear others thoughts as well.  -AA:

“Hi Alexis,

Thanks for reaching out, and sorry for the delay in response! We'd certainly be happy to work together in some way - we're always looking for ways to engage with the archiving community! It'd be great to hear some thoughts that you and the steering committee generate. Maybe we can set up a call in the coming weeks to chat about ideas?

We also have a team of volunteers that help us monitor different federal websites - here's<http://sunlightfoundation.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/WIP-Volunteer-Position-Health-Healthcare-Website-Monitoring-Analyst-2-2-18.pdf> a flier that explains the position that you can feel free to send around in case anyone in the section might be interested (we admittedly need to update the flier a bit - it mentions we're working on monitoring health and healthcare websites, but we've expanded to immigration and justice related websites as well).

Let me know if there's a time that works to talk about other ways we can collaborate!



b) Committee reviewed Alexis’ notes and tabled discussion on Project STAND and Sunlight Foundation until next call

c) Kelsey proposed we continue conversation on listserv in the meantime

C. Twitter Update (Louise)

1. Began following new accounts, e.g. Lae’l Hughes-Watkins and Sunlight Foundation

2. About 30 new followers

3. Crawling the #webarchiving hashtag and other related web archives topics

4. Will plan to post:

a) Sunlight Foundation volunteer PR? 

b) Web Archiving Roundups from blog, as posted

5. If anyone else on the Committee has suggestions for accounts to follow or posts to share, please let Louise know

D. SAA Connect/Microsite Update (Kelsey)

1. Reference: SAA’s Uniform Guidelines for SAA Websites and Online Communications

a) Kelsey reported we are currently in compliance with the Guidelines with the following exception: We need to add the names of administrators for social media accounts; Louise and Elisa’s names will be added to home page of links to information

2. Organization of Past Minutes

a) Kelsey reported that using the SAA Connect internal site is not ideal for hosting archived Committee documents as it cannot be organized into folders

b) Kelsey’s Proposal: Migrate 2015-2017 minutes/documents to the Web Archiving Section’s microsite, but keep them “unpublished”;

(1) rationale: keeps documents in a location that can automatically be accessed by current and future Committee members but “unpublished” status keeps them from being accessed by all Section members and the public

c) Continue using Google Drive for active year’s current minutes and documents; once year is complete, they are migrated as unpublished documents on the Microsite

3. Microsite Reorganization Proposal; Kelsey proposed the following:

a) Enable “Automatic Display of Group Nodes” functionality – this will mean that any “published” (aka publically available) content can be directly linked on the Section’s homepage. Without this functionality, users have little to no way to access any content that is among the first ~7 most recent “News Items” that populates within the “Recent News & Announcements” list; see MDOS for an example of the different display: https://www2.archivists.org/groups/metadata-and-digital-object-section

b) Before making all “Group Nodes” available, Committee should review individual pages on the site and make decisions about whether it should be published or not; Kelsey began a Google Sheet to inventory the sites: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Mpr1r68Eoi3ldTMMVCZJcob7n8jIHaSwef8LW13k61I/edit?usp=sharing 

c) In right-hand column, remove “Annual Meetings” information as it is outdated and 2014 link is dead

d) In right-hand column, revise “Election Information” as it is from 2017

e) In right-hand column, add a Social Media category for direct links to Twitter and the Blog; rationale: will be clickable from any page within the Section’s Microsite

4. Committee Conversation re: proposals

a) General consensus to migrate minutes/documents from past Committees as unpublished content on the Microsite (pending Chair approval/thoughts)

b) General consensus to add Social Media links on the right-hand column (pending Chair approval/thoughts)

c) Kelsey posed the question about whether we should include outdated election information on the site; Louise suggested to change the “Election Information” in the right-hand column to information about the most recent election and a statement that says to contact the Committee if you are seeking information on past elections 

d) Action needed: Alexis to review reorganization proposals and weigh in

e) Next steps: Committee to make decisions about site’s reorganization together; if “Group Nodes” will be enabled, Committee will collaborate on the Google Sheet to document whether content should be public or not

f) Kelsey also suggested that going forward, we should ensure we are categorizing anything on the Microsite consistently and with purpose; for example, election information has been categorized as both “News Item” and “Page” on the microsite

II. New Business

A. Announcements/News (all)

1. Emily reported related news that the last cohort meeting for the Community Web Project of the Austin/Kahle Foundation will be meeting in November and planning to publish a white paper on how to create community web archives; Emily will share news and white paper with Steering Committee when completed

2. Next Call: Monday, November 19, 2018, 3:30 EST

3. Action Items for (or prior to) November 19:

a) Alexis to provide log in credentials for blog to Elisa

b) Project STAND: any updates?

c) Sunlight Foundation: is Volunteer Call complete and ready to be shared (listserv, blog, Twitter)? Any other collaboration to explore?

d) Approvals and/or edits to Kelsey’s proposals for Microsite reorganization