2018-04-19 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

WARSEC meeting minutes

April 19, 2018 - 2 pm EST (11 am PST)

Attendees: Kevin Miller, Becky Schulte, Sam Abrams, Karl-Rainer Blumenthal, Nikki Thomas

Section business

  • May 15: Deadline to issue call for (self-)nominations
    • Karl will work with Alexis to send out call
  • June 1: Deadline to provide SAA HQ with ballot information
    • To include offices, names, links to “supplementary information”
    • Let’s be sure to provide candidates statements on the microsite by this deadline


METRO Workshop
  • On the agenda for 3-6PM on Wednesday, May 30. Karl and Sam to rally a program beforehand. Let’s publish all the materials openly afterwards, though. Where best to do so? Microsite? “Community” list library? OSF/LISSA? …?
    • Karl will have separate meeting to discuss more specifics with Sam
    • Make slides/handouts available in an open repository
      • Post on blog and/or microsite (Kevin can assist)
  • Planned webinar cancelled - no time and grant funding ended


  • Latest on the round-up and upcoming special topic/s?

SAA Annual

  • Wednesday August 15, 4 pm
  • Lae’l Hughes-Watkins has agreed to speak to the reasoning behind forming Project STAND and to introduce the S.A.V.E methodology for appraising digital records like, in our case, web archives:
    • Stop and check your intentionality for archiving digital records (gaps in the record, accountability, outreach, etc.)
    • Assess your relationship with the historically underrepresented community (has there ever been engagement, has it been positive, is there trust?)
    • View your options. Should you use a post-custodial model, suggest other memory institutions if they choose not to donate with your institution, hold workshops on preservation, privacy, curation, safety?
    • Educate yourself on how you can archive with care. Let the subjects lead on how they want to be represented in the archive.
  • Alexis and I have been in touch with Tammi and Rachel in the meantime. We’ll next loop in Lae’l to get a date and time for a pre-conference check-in. Our agenda for the meeting will look something like this:
    • Call to order, introductions, section business (~4 - 4:15)
    • Presentations by and Q&A with invited guests (~4:15-4:50)
      • Rachel Bergman, Sunlight Web Integrity Project
      • Tammi Kim, Remembering 1 October
      • Lae’l Hughes-Watkins, Project STAND
      • Q&A
    • Scenario planning (~4:50-5:15)
  • Let’s use our time here to formulate the scenarios -- three of them? to complement the speakers’ perspectives? -- that groups will confront in this exercise.
  • May have time for questions, but limit to information questions as opposed to open-ended

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