2018-02-20 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

WARSEC meeting minutes

February 20, 2018 - 2 pm EST (11 am PST)

Attendees: Karl-Rainer Blumenthal, Samantha Abrams, Nikki Thomas, Alexis Antracoli

Section business

Standing rules and elections
  • No objections


DocNow webinar
  • No news
SAA Pre-conference
  • Questions from SAA Education chair regarding difference between proposal and DAS workshop; Karl provided response re: the benefits of more than a 90 minute webinar (hands-on, etc)
  • Request to present at METRO on May 3rd; Sam has prior commitment at Stanford and cannot co-present


Social media updates
  • Sam live-tweet Rhizome event (Ethics & Archiving the Web) / conflicts from NEA Rise Up meeting in New Haven

SAA Annual

WARCSEC Annual meeting program
  • No partner for meeting, will need to come up with 60-90 minutes of programming
  • Overview of past year; introduction of new leadership; OCLC reports (Jackie Dooley)
  • Ideas:
    • Archives in gov’t as panel discussion
    • Select speaker and do general survey
    • Themes of year - Online journalism & rapid response to community events
    • Past calls for rapid response: climate change collection; government shutdown
    • SAA Theme: Transparency (Alexis - don’t limit ourselves too strictly to theme)
  • Idea can be finalized after call for topics and updated on online program
  • Format:
    • standard format
    • dating game (?)
    • something more interactive
      • How to develop a rapid response program?
      • Pass out scenarios; break into small groups; brainstorm responses; come back and share with larger group
    • Somewhat diverse panel (not all white men)
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