2018-01-16 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

WARSEC meeting minutes

January 16, 2018, 2 pm EST (11 am PST)

Attendees: Karl-Rainer Blumenthal, Samantha Abrams, Alexis Antracoli, Becky Schulte, Nikki Thomas

Section business

Internal communications

  • Karl: All up and running with the new SAA forum? The section’s list seems to be operating OK, how about the steering committee’s?
    • Working well for everyone

Standing rules and elections

  • Karl: Proposal for rolling out changes to committee membership roles/terms:
    • February 12 - Introduce proposed changes to WARS list for review and elicit feedback through annotated Google doc and/or direct form
    • March 5 - Provide SAA with final version of changes to be voted upon
    • March 19 - SAA-run special referendum opens
    • ??? - Special referendum closes
    • May 15 - Official SAA time to call for 2018-19 nominations
    • June 1 - Official SAA deadline for section vote information
  • Alexis and Nikki: About those term lengths for some or all non-Char/VC steering committee members..updates from our peers’ precedents ? Recommendations?
    • Observation - most appear to be 2-3 year terms, very few 1 year terms
    • Recommendation - Education at least 2 years, student members 1 year
  • Karl: Will immediately run our schedule, however edited from the above, by Felicia Owens to ensure that it provides SAA sufficient lead time.


  • Karl and Becky: Documenting the Now team open to doing a live webinar co-hosted by WARCSEC and A&A. Cliff Hight, chair of the latter, is on board so far, too. We will all have an initial planning call to discuss the timing and content of such a webinar. Preliminary discussion is to have this call in March and stage the webinar in April or May.
    • Becky: Doodle poll to narrow down dates/times for this. To include everyone on the email chain.
    • Potential joint meeting of the two sections at SAA in DC? Can float this idea before our planning call if so, but we’d need to act fast. SAA’s deadline for section meeting details, while they can be brief, is March 1.
      • Karl will reach out and pose idea
      • Not many web archiving sessions as SAA, so likely good attendance
      • Becky will propose joint meeting idea
  • Whether the above is a webinar or section meeting, do we want to pursue a secondeducational programming event in 2018? Possibilities include webinar on describing web archives, pre-conference training workshops, … ?
    • Sam suggested folks at Web Recorder might be interested in doing something with the section (using tool to build smaller scale collections)
    • Issue of description / metadata
      • Archive-It putting together a session open to all
    • Discussion of pre-conference hands-on workshop to teach skills vs. slides and diy later - Karl asked SAA Leader List


  • Sam: Report back on Web Archiving Roundup and @WebArch_RT activities.
    • Posting every other Monday at 10 am
    • Would like to do more Tweeting

Next meeting: Tuesday, February 20, 2018 - 2 pm EST / 11 am PST

Meeting number (access code): 647 628 511
Host key: 195397

+1-415-655-0002 US Toll

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