2017-12-05 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

SAA Web Archiving Section Meeting Minutes

Present: Karl-Rainer Blumenthal, Chair; Alexis Antracoli, Vice Chair / Chair-elect; Nikki Thomas, Secretary; Kevin Miller, Web Liaison; Becky Schulte, Education Coordinator

Section business

  • Kevin updated microsite to reflect newly amended Standing Rules
  • Change in appointment times:
    • Becky suggesting Education Coordinator have 2 year appointment
    • Alexis volunteers to do some research & fact-finding re: other sections in order to try to make a decision by the end of the year (Nikki will share unpopulated spreadsheet )
  • Tragedy Response Initiative Task Force discussion
    • Karl put call out to try to have someone on task force with web archiving experience
  • Education discussion
    • Web Archiving workshop similar to one done (in-person by Karl) at Art Libraries conference & again at Digital POWRR Institute
      • Discussion of ideas re: developing on online toolkit, etc
      • Is this in line with SAA Education program?
      • Online landing page for workshop documentation (GitHub) and sharing of resources (unofficially managed)
      • Karl can build “pilot” for just WARSEC to review & potentially approve at January 2018 meeting
    • Documenting the Now Symposium (December 11-12, 2017)
      • Potentially combine forces for a webinar about the project (summary & outcomes (tools)
      • Karl attending - will find out what DocNow already has planned
      • If received positively, Becky will work with Karl to begin collaborative discussion
    • Keep thinking of spring webinar &/or annual SAA conference meeting
      • Potential collaborators?
      • Ideas: Ethics of web archiving; preserving online journalism


  • Kevin looking at microsites for other sections re: layout & how used
    • Will try to populate microsite with more info & fix dead links
  • Sam looking for general feedback on round-up
    • Karl commented on amount of content that can be included

Next meeting: Tuesday, January 16 th, 2018 2 pm EST / 11 am PST