2017-11-07 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

SAA Web Archiving Section Meeting Minutes

Present: Karl-Rainer Blumenthal, Chair; Alexis Antracoli, Vice Chair / Chair-elect; Nikki Thomas, Secretary; Sam Abrams, Social Media Manager

Section business

  • Microsite needs updating to reflect newly amended Standing Rules and SAA Governance changes
  • Shared doc re: procedures for further standing rules changes that affect elections
    • 2018-19 Standing Rules proposed
    • Discussion of whether we may want to consider switching some positions to 2 or 3 year appointments to improve continuity (or staggered position changes)
      • Karl has discussed requirements for any changes with Felicia Owens at SAA
      • Would want to have position descriptions and terms determined before election cycle begins
      • Alexis volunteers to do some research & fact-finding re: other sections in order to try to make a decision by the end of the year (Nikki will start a spreadsheet to track)
  • Nikki: Updates on archiving in response to tragedies vis-a-vis Diversity of Gender and Sexuality Section


  • Kevin and Sam: Bi-weekly(?) round-up procedures and expectations
    • 1st round-up - Fantastic!
    • 2nd round-up up now - Super great!
    • Who sends round-up info to the list? Sam volunteering since compiling info
    • Will take discussion to smaller email discussion group

Discussion of why non-web archivists not considering web archives as part of their domain
** missed a bit of this last discussion between Karl & Sam (got called out of room by supervisee)

Education Survey results

  • How do we provide virtual training?
    • Previous webinar Karl conducted (3 parts: intro, case study, guided tour)
    • Ideas potentially pursued by IIPC (Sam); just formed a working group
  • Continue to aim for offering in late winter / early spring
    • Potentially coordinate around needs of Tragedy Response Working Group (if approved)

Next meeting: Tuesday, December 5th, 2017 2 pm EST / 11 am PST