2017-07-26 Web Archiving Section Annual Meeting Minutes

ARCHIVES2017 - SAA Annual Meeting – Web Archiving Section meeting

Wednesday, July 26 • 2:30pm - 4pm

Standing Committee: John Bence, Karl-Rainer Blumenthal, Alexis Antracoli, Todd Suomela, Michelle Schabowski, Rachel Taketa

1. Welcome – John and Karl
2. Panel presentations and discussion:

  • Jefferson Bailey, Internet Archive
    • End of Term Project – began in 2008 with transition to Pres. Obama
    • Multi-institutional effort
      • 2016 included Google assistance - 3.4 billion URLs from Google and all of .gov URLs
    • Data aggregated at Internet Archive and publicly available (400TB); FTP content now replayable
    • Lots of public attention on web archiving due to current administration/at-risk government agency content
    • 100,000 URL nominations per month during the project
  • Shari Laster, UCSB – Government Data and Information Librarian
    • California government web archiving project – ca.gov
    • Began in 2007 using the CDL’s Web Archiving Service (WAS)
    • 2016 LSTA grant to attempt a comprehensive crawl of the entire CA.GOV site
    • Collaborative effort – eventually need to work with the CA State Library and the CA State Archives to help THEM take the helm and lead the archiving of the website
  • Danielle Robinson and Max Ogden, Data Rescue Portland & DAT Project
    • Project Svalbard – a metadata vault for research .gov data
    • Backing up Data.gov - Catalog of all Federal data
    • Science data sharing and analysis – open source tools
    • Projects include: Data Jamborees – create metadata / JSON files for data; trying to get at uncrawlable data sets for NASA

3. Business Meeting

  • Alexis – results from Member Survey
    • 50 responses; 70% found webinars useful; 82% would like live trainings
    • Popular topics = tools; metadata; scope and organization; case studies
    • Need to build twitter and social media presence
  • Karl - New Steering Committee for 2017-2018 introduced; proposed changes to standing rules approved
  • Jackie Dooley, OCLC – announced project on Best Practices Guidelines for web archives metadata standards