2017-06-21 Steering Committee Minutes

Web Archiving Section Steering Committee - Minutes

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Present: John Bence, Karl Blumenthal, Todd Suomela
Regrets: Alexis Antracoli, Rachel Taketa, Michelle Schabowski

WAS Annual Meeting

  • Here’s a cheat sheet for our agenda, timing, and logistics in Portland. Please add to the running list of canned questions for our panelists if/when new ideas arise.
  • John will confirm with Jackie Dooley/OCLC WAM that they can use Open Forum time to announce their report.
  • Invited panelists haven’t responded this way or that to Karl’s initial outreach, but he will re-engage them closer to the date just to check in again for questions/concerns.
  • Karl will email the full agenda around the WAS email list in another week or two to stimulate attendance. Todd will then remix this same info for a blog post.

2017-18 Election

  • 12 candidates for 5 positions :-0 Preview ballot
  • Voting: Ballots will go out next week and voting will close on July 13. We should have results by July 14. John and Karl have reviewed, approved steering committee candidate and bylaws change language as it appears.

Web and Social Media Updates

  • Todd will share a summary of his microsite audit--descriptions of everything on the site, where to find it, and what it’s for--via Google Drive for John’s annual report and transition to new management.
  • John and Karl to exchange keys on web and social media accounts by meeting time in Portland.

Next meeting
None! See you in Portland.