2017-05-17 Steering Committee Minutes

Web Archiving Section Steering Committee - Minutes

Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Present: Alexis Antracoli, John Bence, Karl Blumenthal, Todd Suomela

Regrets: Michelle Schabowski, Rachel Taketa

WAS Annual Meeting

  • The 75-minute agenda will include:
    • A “Small-Medium-Large” Government Web Archiving Panel. This will include short presentations (~10 minutes each, 30 minutes in total) by and then a moderated discussion (another ~15 minutes) among Jefferson Bailey (Internet Archive, End of Term Project), Shari Laster (UCSB, State of California end of term records), Max Ogden and Danielle Robinson (Dat Project, Data Rescue Portland). ~45 minutes total
    • A review of the section’s education survey (Alexis) ~10 minutes total
    • Other regular business: A quick update on the bylaws vote (John) and the incoming officers for the year (Karl?) ~5 minutes total
    • An “open forum” of 10-15 minutes or however much time is actually left. This will be for announcements and other questions to pose to the section for discussion. Among other things, we can encourage Jackie Dooley, Kate Bowers, and/or other co-authors/participants to use this time to announce updates about the OCLC Web Archiving Metadata Working Group’s report.
  • Karl will reach out again directly to the panel’s participants and prepare them for the meeting by introducing the format and the committee’s prefered themes for their own introductions and later discussion:
    • End of term web archiving and “data rescue” projects at different scales
    • When is web archiving the right choice with this kind of info and when is it not. How do you know?
    • How to engage the lay or otherwise not-totally-web-archiving-initiated stakeholders who care about this work? Any lessons from this experience?
    • The structures of the different projects, specifically formal/informal relationships among different organizations and how sprawl/scope creep are/n’t managed.
    • What do these projects inform us regarding traditional archival practice? Do they suffer from lack of sustainable attention to description, QA, etc. Or, rather, can we learn and adapt to any model that they provide? Max, Danielle, and Shari all come from outside of the strictly ‘archival’ world and should be encouraged to speak from their perspectives.
    • Next steps for the field: what is the defining issue moving forward for each? Infrastructure, tech, personnel, etc.
  • Karl will circulate the above on the committee email list for all to see and approve before. John can provide/forward any necessary changes to the online or printed schedules owned by SAA.

2017-18 Election

  • Currently seven candidates for five positions (all positions are covered). Some additional self-nominations are still outstanding for ballot information. Candidates’ ballot information will be forwarded by Karl to SAA HQ by June 1 for online election facilitation.
  • Bylaws changes can be references in this communication as well for any additional specific measures needed to be taken in order to get the proper information to SAA and onto the ballot.
  • Remember to cc Todd on all of the above so that he may update the microsite and blog with all of the necessary info, too. 

Web and Social Media Updates

  • Todd has started and continues to update the microsite so that old/outdated info is taken down. He will have a more comprehensive report when that work is completed, by our next meeting.

Other business

  • It’s a warm one out there