2017-03-15 Steering Committee Minutes

March 15, 2017, 9am PST/noon EST
Present: John Bence, Todd Suomela, Michelle Schabowski, Karl-Rainer Blumenthal, Alexis Antracoli, Rachel Taketa

1. Jeff Bailey webinar – New Date – April 12, 2017

  • Official name – Intro to Web Archive APIs
  • Will be recorded
    • Action: Michelle will tweet remind the listserv to remind of webinar
    • Karl: Will formulate a feedback survey – will send a quick questionnaire after webinar to see how it fit with people’s educational goals, wants, needs…

2. Annual Section Meeting – Topics and format for presentations

  • Line-up is set for the Web Archiving Section Meeting – Sheri Laster on board
  • 3 person panel with moderated discussion around the EOT theme
    • Action: Later in Spring, think up questions to seed panel discussion to make it more participatory and to keep conversation going

3. SAA elections – start thinking about promoting participation and call for nominations

    • Action: John will talk to Felicia regarding new bylaws changes

Rachel will send out the agenda on 12th – committee will send any actions and progress via listserv before the 18th - No meeting April, 2017