2016-10-19 Steering Committee Minutes

Web Archiving Roundtable Steering Committee – Minutes

October 19, 2016

Present: John Bence, Todd Suomela, Alexis Antracoli, Michelle Schabowski, Karl-Rainer Blumenthal, Rachel Taketa

1) Proposed changes to Roundtable bylaws:

  • John shared the draft of the new Roundtable bylaws. The edits include changing the Past Chair position from a formal position on the committee to an ad-hoc consulting position. The new bylaws also eliminate the Best Practices/Toolbox Committee. Committee members unanimously agreed on the changes. Changes Adopted.
    • Action: John will speak with SAA regarding the procedures for an ad-hoc vote on these bylaws changes before the year is out.

2) Jefferson Bailey webinar:

  • Committee discussed whether to pursue a webinar on Archive-It’s ARS services or whether Jefferson should be approached for new web archiving topics of interest to membership.
    • Action: Karl will speak with Jefferson to see if he has any new topics for a webinar which could possibly fill an educational need before new survey results are in.

3) Description standards comments:

  • Committee agreed that there is no real need to comment on the ICA’s new archival description standards as they are now. Comments are open until the end of 2016 in case a member would like to comment. John will continue to monitor new standards coming out of other sections/committees and bring to the Roundtable as needed.

4) New survey of members needs/wants:

  • Looking at 2014’s survey, the Committee agreed that a new survey would be a good idea to gauge interest and wants. The NDSA survey is already a fairly good representation of the web archiving roundtable membership and it collects a good amount of demographic data – no need to duplicate efforts. The new survey will be re-tooled to ask for less demographic data and more about what members would want re: educational programming and how they envision/use the blog and twitter feed.
    • Action: Alexis will draft questions for the new survey with an eye toward asking about the website and social media value as well – share for the November meeting.

Next meeting

Wednesday, November 16, 9am PST/noon EST