SAA Preservation Section call for nominations

The SAA Preservation Section is sending out a call for nominations. This
time around, we are looking to fill two positions.

From a practical standpoint, we meet for an hour on the 2nd Friday of the
month and the meetings occur via conference call.

We need a Vice Chair/Chair Elect, described as follows:
B. Vice Chair/Chair Elect The Vice Chair/Chair Elect is elected by the
membership through a balloting process and holds the position for one year,
becoming Chair the following year. The responsibilities of the Vice
Chair/Chair Elect are as follows: Assist the Chair in carrying out the work
of the section. Preside over the section business meeting at the SAA Annual
Meeting in the absence of the Chair. Prepare minutes of the section
business meeting and steering committee meetings, and submit these to the
Publications Editor for dissemination or publication, after review by the
Chair. Assist Publications Editor in soliciting material for dissemination
or publication.

We also need a member-at-large. This is simply described as 'duties as
assigned.' It is a good way to get a feel for what is being done in the
section, to volunteer to help in areas that interest you, and to generally
get involved.

The SAA Preservation Section is concerned with issues relating to the
preservation of archival materials. Our mission is to raise awareness of
and disseminate information about the preservation of archival materials,
including materials in analog and digital formats as well as special media.
The section offers access to its resources, not only to the membership of
the Society of American Archivists, but to anyone interested in archival

If you are willing, we simply need a short bio, 4-6 sentences; and keep in
mind that a term on our committee is for 2 years. If you yourself are not
interested, perhaps you know of a good candidate.