Preservation bookmarks: Meet the agents of deterioration!

Meet the agents of deterioration! 

The Preservation Section presents a preservation outreach campaign to spread the word about the deterioration risks to archival and library collections. Between 2017 and 2019, the Preservation Section released a set of ten bookmarks, three to four a year, each presenting facts about an agent of deterioration. You can download the bookmarks below and print them yourself, or, pick up a set at the SAA Annual Meeting and other regional archival association meetings!

Bookmarks files include crop marks and are designed to be double-sided. 

Bookmarks can be colored in or used as is.

And remember... don't dog-ear, use a bookmark!

Fire_Bookmark_SAAPreservation.pdf673.16 KB
Light_Bookmark_SAAPreservation.pdf641.71 KB
Physical force_Bookmark_SAAPreservation.pdf690.78 KB
Water_Bookmark_SAAPreservation.pdf721.3 KB
CustodialNeglect_Bookmark_SAAPreservation.pdf143.44 KB
Humidity_Bookmark_SAAPreservation.pdf164.32 KB
Temperature_Bookmark_SAAPreservation.pdf151.45 KB
Pests_Bookmark_SAAPreservation.pdf116.79 KB
Pollutants_Bookmark_SAAPreservation.pdf263.29 KB
TheftVandalism_Bookmark_SAAPreservation.pdf377.56 KB