The 2018 Nominees for the MDOS Steering Committee

The three candidates that are running for the Steering Committee Member (3-year term) position are:

David Kramer

Bio: David Kramer is a library science student at Syracuse University. He is focusing on archiving. He also currently is interning at the Providence Athenaeum, where he is helping to catalog and weed from their collection. 

Statement: I am fairly new to the archiving field, but am already thrilled to be a part of it. Between my courses at Syracuse and my work at the Athenaeum, I have been engrossed in the archiving and metadata world. I would be honored and excited to be able to help MDOS grow, and for me to grow along with it. I plan to attend conferences and keep current on important discussions, and would love to help out as much as I can. 


Jade Snelling

Bio: I earned my B.A. at the University of Oregon in 2012 and my M.S. at the University of Texas at Austin in 2016. Some of my hobbies include reading, drawing, going for long walks, and listening to music, podcasts. My future husband and I have two adorable cats.

Statement: I earned my M.S. in fall 2016 and currently work as a digitization specialist. I plan to work on projects related to digital archives and standards throughout my career and would like to keep abreast of and contribute to the kinds of conversations MDOS fosters. I've worked on several projects, as a student and in my current position, that deal/have dealt intimately with metadata and ongoing access provision for digital materials. At my job now, I create a lot of descriptive metadata for architectural objects being prepped for imaging and take part in conversations across departments concerning current and future metadata practices for digital library projects at our university. On a related note, I've also recently completed my DAS certification and am planning to become ACA-certified - I think that volunteering as a steering committee member seems like a perfect opportunity to further engage with the profession as an early-career archivist.


Angela White

Bio: Angela is Director of Special Collections and Philanthropic Studies Archivist at IUPUI.  After completing a Ph.D. in East European History, she returned to school for library science and received her M.S. from Simmons College.  She has worked in public libraries, religious archives, and was previously an archivist at Hanover College in Indiana. Angela currently creates and supervises digital projects for Special Collections among her other responsibilities.

Statement: I'm eager to work with the members and leadership of MDOS to continue to improve my own work and help archivists at smaller institutions who don't always have the resources or in-house expertise they need to feel confident doing their work.

I am especially interested in using the resources of our institutions to improve representations of communities of color and to find ways of using metadata to point out the history of racism and colonialism represented in many of our collections.  Our digital collections play an important role in the conversation about racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and classism.  Being deliberate about our approaches to these issues makes us better stewards of our collections and better supporters of our communities.


Thank you for taking the time to review.