Sample Administrative Metadata

The following are sample administrative-side metadata records (including all the technical, preservation, and administrative data elements that the public does not see) that have been compiled as a source of information for archivists and others working with metadata. These records were originally compiled by Lisa Miller, past Co-Chair of the Metadata and Digital Object Roundtable, in 2007. We encourage everyone to submit a sample of their metadata schema, with any comments you have about it, to the Roundtable's Steering Committee.

Unless otherwise noted, all linked records are PDF files.

MDOR_SampleMetadata_Form_distributed.pdf116.77 KB
Anonymous Business Archives120.46 KB
Claremont Colleges Digital Library29.49 KB
Computer History Museum21.06 KB
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University21.92 KB
Hoover Institution Archives13.45 KB
Illinois State Library (XML)11.89 KB
James Madison University - Oral Histories25.47 KB
National Library of Medicine46.64 KB
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center15.49 KB
University of California San Diego (MODS/XML)19.51 KB
University of California San Diego (METS/XML)11.9 KB
University of Louisville20.74 KB
University of Southern Mississippi56.93 KB
Utah State Archives13.26 KB