Now Accepting Nominations for MDOR Steering Committee Members

The Metadata and Digital Object Roundtable (MDOR) is looking for several enthusiastic volunteers to join its ranks – we are accepting nominations for:

·        Junior co-chair (2 year term:  one year as junior chair, followed by one year as senior chair)

·         Steering committee members-at-large: a three-year term. We need to fill two (2) positions. 

If you are an SAA member in good standing, and a member of the MDOR, please send us your nominations.  You can nominate colleagues who you think would be well-suited for this Roundtable, or you can nominate yourself if you would like to serve as well—self-nominations are very much encouraged!  

Please let us know if you would like to become a member of this dynamic group and briefly share your thoughts on how you would like to help advance MDOR’s mission to promote "discussion, education, and collaboration among archivists interested in digitization, digital archival objects, and the metadata that enables access, management, and preservation of digital objects."

Additional information about Steering Committee member duties can be found in the new MDOR by-laws:

Please reply by Tuesday, June 11th to MDOR co-chairs Polina Ilieva ( and Jody DeRidder (

Elections will be conducted online. Newly elected Steering Committee members and Co-Chairs officially begin their terms at the close of the SAA annual meeting.