Join the MDOR steering committee!

Want to make a difference?  Want some great networking opportunities while you're at it?  This is the second call for nominations!  The deadline is May 30th, less than a week away.

We have  a 3-year opening and one single year opening on the MDOR steering committee, and a 2-year opening for the Co-Chair position (with a possible 3rd year on the steering committee). 

Who's interested?  Feel free to nominate yourself.  If you nominate someone else, please be sure they are amenable to serving.

 What do MDOR steering committee members do?  Please take a look at our annual reports and MDOR Leadership Handbook. We generally have conference calls quarterly, a lunch meeting at SAA, we organize the annual MDOR meeting, and we engage in a variety of activities to inform, engage, and represent MDOR.  You can expect to contribute 2-6 hours per month.

Only SAA/MDOR members can nominate and can vote.  The vote will be held in late July:  deadline for nominations is May 30th.

Here's the information we need for each applicant:

  • candidate name
  • bio (50 words or less)
  • statement of interest
  • photo (optional)
  • whether seeking co-chair position
  • links to supplementary info if desired

Again:  deadline for nominations is May 30th.  Please send nominations to both Sarah Dorpinghaus ( and myself ( with the subject line:  MDOR nomination.