2021 Call for Candidates to Serve on the MDOS Steering Committee

Help shape the future of the Society of American Archivists (SAA) Metadata and Digital Object Section (MDOS) by joining the Steering Committee. Service on the MDOS Steering Committee is a manageable time commitment that offers you valuable experience as you contribute to our profession by fostering discussion, education, and collaboration among archivists interested in digitization, digital archival objects, and the metadata that enables their access, management, and preservation.

The MDOS Steering Committee is currently seeking candidates to fill vacancies for the following positions:

  • 1 Steering Committee Co-Chair, Two-year commitment. Serves the first year as Junior Co-Chair and the following year as Senior Co-Chair with the option for a third year of service as a Member of the Steering Committee. The MDOS Steering Committee Co-Chair assists in the operation of the Section, serves as acting chair in the absence of a Co-Chair, and participates as a Member of the Steering Committee. The Co-Chair directs and reports the activities of the Section, organizes and runs the annual meeting, leads the Steering Committee, and handles administrative duties, including, but not limited to, submitting the Section's annual report and serving as the Section's liaison to SAA and Council. Please note: There is a pending standing rules revision. If the revised standing rules are approved the co-chair position will become a three-year position with the incumbent serving as Junior Co-Chair, Senior Co-Chair, and then Chair-Emeritus in the third year.
  • 1 Steering Committee Member, Three-year commitment. MDOS Steering Committee Members attend and actively contribute to regular Steering Committee meetings, help set goals and priorities for the Section, and develop and/or solicit proposals for the Section's session at the SAA Annual Meeting.

The Steering Committee generally meets monthly for one hour and Steering Committee members are expected to spend an average of 30 minutes/week on Committee activities. Attendance at the SAA Annual Meeting is not required to seek a position on the Steering Committee, but candidates must be members of the Metadata and Digital Object Section in good standing with SAA. Successful candidates will begin their terms at the close of the 2021 SAA annual meeting.

If interested, please submit your job title and institution, brief biography, and candidate statement that details your interest in serving on the Steering Committee by May 28, 2021 at 5:00 PM Eastern to the MDOS Steering Committee Co-chairs, Elizabeth Wilkinson at ewilkinson@jewishhartford.org and Mike Shallcross at micshall@iu.edu.