2011 MDOR Annual Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Metadata and Digital Object Roundtable Meeting Society of American Archivists Annual Meeting

Wednesday, August 24  1-3 PM


Business Meeting

Co-chair Polina Ileva welcomed attendees.

A representation from NHPRC announced funding opportunities of relevance to the Roundtable.

Merilee Proffitt of OCLC Research announced the publication of new OCLC reports, available on their website.

Dennis Meissner, Roundtable Council Liaison, made some announcements regarding general Council Initiatives, more information about which can be found in the Council report.

A representative from the 2012 Program Committee called for program proposals, which are due October 3.

The attendees recognized outgoing Co-Chair Janet Carlton for her serving to the Roundtable.

Polina Ileva and Jenel Farrell were both elected unanimously to serve as Co-Chairs for the coming year.

Polina presented the new mission statement of the MDOR Roundtable, which includes a reference to digitization.  She also presented the results of the MDOR Survey.  Polina then discussed the strategic plan.  Jordon Steele will serve as Social Media Manager for the coming year.  Polina solicited good and bad examples of metadata to post to the MDOR website.  Slides for Polina’s presentation are located here: http://www2.archivists.org/sites/all/files/mdor_meeting_2011.pdf.

Polina then concluded the Business part of the meeting.


Speakers: Peter Chan, Jodi DeRidder, Jenel Farrell, Erik Moore, Dan Santamaria.

Slides for presentations are available at: http://www2.archivists.org/groups/metadata-and-digital-object-roundtable/2011-annual-meeting-presentations.

Following the presentations, attendees broke up into small discussion groups formed by three categories based on the presentations: digitization, linked data, and forensic software.

Meeting adjourned at 3 PM.