2017 MDOS Members

MDOS did not hold an election in 2017.  Here are the current members with the date they were elected.

Chair: Martha Parker, University of Arkansas Libraries - 8/6/2016 - 8/18/2018              

 Steering Committee Member: Matthew McEniry, Texas Tech University Library -  8/22/2015 

Steering Committee Member: Laurel Mcphee, University of California, San Diego - 8/6/2016

Steering Committee Member: Melissa Torres, University of Houston Downtown - 8/22/2015       

Steering Committee Member: Blake Graham, University of Nebraska at Lincoln - 8/6/2016

Web Liaison: Aaron Speight, Western Governors University - 8/22/2015      

Council Liaison: Bertram Lyons, AVPreserve - 8/6/2016