Proposed revisions to DSGS Standing Rules

The Diverse Sexuality and Gender Section co-chairs are proposing changes to the standing rules of this section.

General changes throughout the Standing Rules:

  • Inclusive pronoun usage

  • modify LGBTQIA to LGBTQIA+

Changes regarding Article 4. Governance include:

  1. Defining the Social Media / Web Liaison(s) position and responsibilities

  2. Establishing a Program Coordinator position

  3. Establishing an option for past-chairs to join the Steering Committee and serve a term of two years 

Changes regarding Article 5. Business: 

  • Allow for virtual meetings to be scheduled throughout the year as deemed appropriate by DSGS leadership

Please take a look at the attached document with proposed revisions highlighted. 

Per section IX.E.3.c of SAA's Governance Manual, section leaders will submit the proposed mission, goals, and name change to the executive director and our section's council liaison by May 1, followed by a referendum vote by the section membership. If approved by section members, changes will then be submitted to council for final approval.

There will be time to discuss then proposed changes at the  DSGS meeting coming up on July 12. 

2023 DSGS Annual Meeting (Wednesday July 12, 2023, 12pm – 1:30pm EST / 9am-10:30am PST)

The meeting is open and free for anyone to attend, but registration is required on the event page.


Please feel free to discuss the proposed changes on the listserv or by sending comments and concerns to either myself ( or Eli ( via private email message. All feedback is requested by August 1, 2023.

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