Lavender Legacies Guide

Note: Due to the drastic increase in online finding aids and digital hubs bringing together archival information, the Lavendar Legacies guide is no longer being updated. The last update to the Lavendar Legacies guide was in 2012. There are no plans for further updates. 

Lesbian and Gay Archives Roundtable Guide to Sources in North America


United States



Members of the Directory Committee, 1996-1998: Kim Brookes, Scott Andrew Bartley, Mimi Bowling, James Cartwright, John Paul Deley, Susan Edwards, Paula Jabloner, Brenda Marston, Mark Martin, Stephen Novak, Nancy Richard, Susan von Salis, Rich Wandel

Members of the Updating Committee, 2011-2012: Johanna Russ, Deborah Richards, Jim Cartwright, Lisa Dibbern, Marika Cifor, Stephen Novak, Mary Caldera

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Society of American Archivists, (Diverse Sexualities and Genders Section (formerly the Lesbian and Gay Archives Roundtable)