Candidate Statement for the DSGS 2021-2023 Co-chair

Elisa Landaverde 
Special Collections LGBTQ+ Librarian
Stephen O. Murray and Keelung Hong Special Collections
Michigan State University Libraries

I am the Special Collections LGBTQ+ Librarian at Michigan State University Libraries. In my current position I am involved in almost every step of an archival collection’s lifecycle, this can include initial reach out to potential donors, negotiation, appraisal, processing, finding aid creation, reference, as well as promotion and outreach.

As a queer person of color, I am highly aware of the need for visibility and representation not just in the profession but in our collections. Since taking over our LGBTQ+ collection I have been consciously taking steps to shift how we collect material, paying particular attention to previously underrepresented communities and contemporary subjects. From day one, my focus has been both to incorporate material celebrating different communities and creating an environment where our students can feel represented. Recently, I have also been involved in different working groups at the university level trying to address issues that impact students and staff of diverse sexual and gender identities.

As a member of SAA I have served in the Metadata and Digital Object Section Steering Committee and the Web Archiving Section Steering Committee. I have participated in the Diverse Sexuality and Gender Section as a presenter in the past and have made great connections during some of the annual meetings. It would be a real honor to be able to serve the section and address some of the challenges we have been facing in the profession.