Repository Profiles

A repository profile is a set of questions about the implementation and use of an archival collection management system (CMS) or digital asset management system (DAMS) at a specific institution. Profiles aim to showcase various repositories’ uses of a variety of tools; encourage discussion (either individually or via the CMT section email list) of pros, cons, and comparisons of tools and systems; and allow members to contact, collaborate, and discuss workflow with other institutions.

Repository profiles are voluntarily submitted and thus may not represent comprehensively all tools currently available. The profiles represent an institution’s use of a particular tool at the time of submission; as such, they may not reflect current tools and workflows by that institution. Contact the institution directly if you want to know more about their implementation.

If you would like to submit a repository profile, please fill out the CMT Section Repository Profile form. If there is a particular repository or tool you would like to see profiled, please connect with a member of the CMT steering committee. 


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