DB/TextWorks Repository Profile: Providence Archives

Question responses provided by Peter Schmid, Visual Resources Archivist at Providence Archives on November 13, 2018.


Tool and version, if applicable

DB/TextWorks 15.00

How did your institution select this archival collection management tool?

Based on staff's previous use of software, i.e. familiar software

When and why did you adopt this tool? What system did it replace (if any)?

See above; no previous software.

Briefly explain how this tool functions at your institution (e.g. do you only use it for accessioning, or does it fill all the functions from accessioning to public access?)

We use this program to manage accessions, reference (researcher) records, and loan records. We previously used the program for in-house visual resource and artifact records.

What pre-installation/migration preparations were taken to facilitate implementation of this tool?

Had to go through PH&S security review; no migration as all previous records were paper-based.

What degree of IT support was needed to implement and migrate into this tool?


Is your collection management tool hosted on-site and in-house or off-site by a vendor?

On-site and in-house

Is your institution integrating this tool with other automated request, preservation, or digital asset management systems?


What is your most favorite feature of this tool?

Flat-text tool is very easy to use.

What is your least favorite feature of this tool?

GUI is not visually not very attractive.