2023 Election, part 2: Candidate Statement

Thank you to everyone who shared and voted in the most recent Accessibility and Disability Section election. While the Steering Committee was extremely pleased that it was a competitive race for our four vacancies, no one ran for the position of Vice Chair/Chair-Elect. Thus, it is necessary to hold a second election, and we are grateful to second-year Steering Committee member Joe Schill for nominating himself.

Vice Chair/Chair-Elect Candidate:

Joe Schill, Senior Archivist, Rakow Research Library, The Corning Museum of Glass

Biographical Statement:

I have been a member of SAA since 2018 and have participated in the Accessibility & Disability Section since it was formed. I was co-editor of the SNAP blog team from 2019-2020. I earned an MSILS in 2019 from University at Buffalo (SUNY) after having been a high school social studies teacher for ten years. I began working as a full-time archivist at the Rakow Research Library at The Corning Museum of Glass in February 2020 and was recently promoted to senior archivist. I have been an active member of MARAC over the last several years as well.

My own experience with disability is complicated. Until 2015, I had lived my life as an able-bodied person. Then I found out I had a large tumor in my left leg. After several surgeries between 2015 and February 2023, my left leg was amputated. Most of my thigh muscle was removed in the first surgery, which means I have no option for a functioning prosthetic leg. However, I’m able to use arm crutches to walk and have adjusted as best as I can. Fortunately, I have been cancer free for over six years now. I have been lucky to have a supportive family at home and supportive colleagues at work.

Candidate Statement:

As a member of the ADS steering committee, I have learned a lot about the challenges that disabled archivists face, whether they have visible or invisible disabilities. As Vice Chair/Chair-Elect, I would like to use my knowledge and experience to help others access opportunities in the archival field. Whether it’s getting that first job or navigating the politics and administration within libraries and archives once you’re there, I think everyone can and should participate in the discussion. We all know it’s difficult to find a position as an archivist and the job can be overwhelming once you get it. Let’s work together to help each other be successful in this endeavor.