Community Values

The SAA Accessibility and Disability Section is dedicated to building and supporting an inclusive and equitable community. We are committed to creating a section in which we can learn from each other, share resources, and promote accessibility and disability representation across the archival profession. We believe that our goals are best served by being a welcoming space for people with disabilities and allies, and best achieved as a forum for thoughtful, respectful, and empathetic discussion and problem-solving. We seek, as a community, to represent a wide range of experiences and perspectives, and to recognize intersectionalities.

We value openness and collaboration, which can only thrive in environments of trust. We are committed to engaging with one another honestly and openly, and to continuous learning.

To further our goals, we ask that section members:

  • Respect each other's privacy, and remember that disclosure is a choice;

  • Respect how people self-identify and the language that people choose to describe individual experiences, emotions, and circumstances;

  • Use gender-neutral language when addressing the group as a whole and respect pronouns;

  • Intentionally create space for under-represented and historically marginalized voices;

  • Actively work to support and advocate for changing views on disability through language and action;

  • Advocate to eradicate harmful stereotypes;

  • Support learning;

  • Be open to giving and receiving feedback in a respectful manner;

  • Strive for self-awareness; and

  • Make our digital and physical spaces and resources maximally accessible.

As a section of the SAA, we act in accordance with the SAA Core Values Statement and Code of Conduct. Please review the SAA Core Values Statement and Code of Conduct statement for additional information about our organizational values and expectations for engagement in physical and virtual spaces.