Standing Rules

Society of American Archivists
Women Archivists Section



I. Mission

The Women Archivists Section (WArS), formerly the Women Archivists Roundtable (WAR) and the Women's Professional Archival Issues Roundtable (WPAIR), exists to ensure that the Society of American Archivists (SAA) conscientiously deals with issues that affect the status of women within the profession and the Society. The Section also provides a Society-acknowledged forum for individual members to address issues of concern in this area.

II. Statement of Goals & Objectives

The Women Archivists Section will:

  • Monitor the status of women within the archival profession.
  • Encourage the participation of women in all phases of SAA business and other activities as well as in the archival profession as a whole.
  • Monitor gender balance on SAA programs.
  • Nominate candidates for Fellow in SAA.
  • Monitor the continuance of day care at the SAA Annual Meeting.
  • Meet annually in conjunction with the SAA meeting.
  • Conduct its business in accordance with Section IX. of the SAA Governance Manual.

III. Areas of Activity

WArS activities may include:

  • Monitor gender balance on panels at SAA's Annual Meeting.
  • Conduct surveys among women relating to their work in the profession.
  • Monitor day care at the SAA Annual Meeting.
  • Nominate individuals to SAA Fellow.
  • Work with the Women's Caucus to create a positive environment for women throughout SAA and the profession.
  • Support and provide input to the SAA Salary Survey.
  • Provide a report on its activities to council in time for council's mid-winter meeting.
  • Identify and look for ways to bring women's professional archival issues forward for consideration, to make recommendations to Council, through memoranda or formal papers, an action, or a position the Section believes appropriate for SAA.
  • Propose program sessions for the SAA Annual Meeting.
  • Communicate Section activity within the Section and to the Society at large.
  • Hold networking get-togethers with women archivists.
  • Conduct workshops on professional issues.
  • Complete statistical work on salary surveys.
  • Conduct a survey on women's professional archival issues.
  • Caucus women about their professional experiences and what they would like to see the Section accomplish.
  • Promote and coordinate the Navigator program.
  • Work with the Membership Committee to address the recruitment and retention of women members.
  • Coordinate other related activities with other sections and other SAA units.\

IV. Governance

These standing rules of the Women Archivists Section shall serve as a supplement to the SAA Section Bylaws, which govern all SAA sections. Please refer to Section IX. Sections of the SAA Governance Manual for information on membership, section election procedures, reporting requirements, and more. 

WArS will have two co-chairs, sharing the leadership of the section. They will be elected for staggered two-year terms. For the first election, one co-chair will be elected for a one-year term and one co-chair will be elected for a two-year term. These individuals must be SAA members in good standing.

There will also be a steering committee comprised of the two co-chairs and from five to seven other SAA members in good standing. The steering committee will have broad geographic representation. Each co-chair will serve on the steering committee for one year after her term as co-chair. The section members will elect the remaining steering committee to serve three-year terms. A Council liaison will also serve on the steering committee.

Working Groups may be established as needed.   

V. Elections

Elections shall be conducted online with the assistance of the SAA staff and in accordance with guidelines for section elections as specified in Section IX. Sections of the SAA Governance Manual. Availability of the online ballot and deadline for voting shall be announced by the Chair to all section members via the section’s official email discussion list and website.

VI. Meetings

WArS will meet at least once during the Society of American Archivists' Annual Meeting and at other times as deemed appropriate by the steering committee. 

VII. Communication

WArS will submit information to the Women's Caucus newsletter, SAA's Archival Outlook, and the Archives Listserv. The Section will also disseminate information about its work through its World Wide Website.    

VIII. Section Leadership & the Council

As appropriate, WArS leadership may meet with Council Representatives to discuss matters of mutual concern. 

IX. Amendments

To ensure alignment with SAA’s governance documents, any amendments to the section’s standing rules should be reviewed by the executive director (or her/his designee) and the section’s Council liaison by May 1, before they are put forward in a referendum for vote by the section membership. Proposed amendments to the section’s standing rules will appear on the section’s annual election ballot for final approval by a simple majority of voters. Any adopted amendments should be posted promptly to the section’s official microsite and be noted in the section’s next annual report to the Council. Any revisions to the section’s name or mission/description must be submitted to the Council for final approval. For more information on amendment procedures, see Section IX. Sections of the SAA Governance Manual.


The bylaws of the Women Archivists Roundtable, as revised at the January 2012 Council meeting. Updated per the member affinity group transition approved by the Council, August 2016. 

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