Women Archivists Section

Monitors the status of women in the archives profession, and promotes the participation of women in all phases of SAA's activities and the profession as a whole.

Recent News & Announcements

2019 Slate of Candidates
We've had some updates to our section meeting at the SAA 2018 annual meeting
Meet our candidates for our Steering Committee for this year's elections.
The Women Archivists Section Salary Survey, created by the Women Archivists Section (WArS) of the Society of American Archivists (SAA) and funded by the SAA, inventories salary, employment, and leadership in the archives profession. The survey was developed in response to member interest in salary data about the archives profession and, in particular, in data about women archivists across intersectional identities. While the survey gathered data that gives context to employment in the archives profession by gender, it also sought to gather data on how identities such as age, race/ethnicity, sexual identity, and socioeconomic status interact to affect outcomes on salary, employment, leadership, and professional advancement in the field.
We have a great slate of candidates for the 2017 election!
We have a great slate of candidates for the 2016 election! One candidate is running for co-chair and we have ten candidates for steering committee. Watch for the online election link from SAA to make your final selections.
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